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0 posted 2004-12-14 07:36 PM


It may have been asked before, but I don't have the patience to read through all of the threads here...the posts in the Pub keep calling my name.

Just recently a friend had a .gif image made for me that has become one of my all time favorite pictures as it's of a white wolf running through the snow with my name in the corner.  I know ubb code is enabled in our signatures, but I haven't seen anyone posting with an image there.

I don't want to be incredibly rude and just assume that I can because it's enabled   

My question is if we're allowed to use an image in our signature or not.

  is it..and I can freeze frame it so it's not animated, if that would be better.  

*makes note to stop in here and look for the reply soon*

Thank you for your time


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1 posted 2004-12-14 10:29 PM

FWIW even if it's allowed (don't remember), you're going to bother a lot of people who don't have broadband if you have an image over 900k loading up on each page you've replied to...
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2 posted 2004-12-15 07:16 AM

It's a lovely graphic - But it would also set a precedent of using a phenomenal amount of PiP's bandwidth.  While you might use it on special occasions, I expect it's not a good idea to use it in every post or comment.  
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