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0 posted 2003-05-18 09:43 PM

Perhaps an extremely poetic and nice teacher type person or any other person who knows the area  could email me or suggest here some places a newlywed couple should not miss on a honeymoon to Cape Cod. (sightseeing, romantic restaraunts, etc.)
Both are extremely recent college grads without employment.  (teaching jobs not growing in wheatfields in Ks. these days)  Which means, cheap is good.   Many thanks.

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1 posted 2003-05-18 09:50 PM


These are my friends Stan and Cindy - They do this publication - I'll email some thoughts to you as well...:-)

Titia Geertman
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2 posted 2003-05-19 11:29 AM

Let them walk along the beach
In evening's setting sun
And playing in the sand
I'll tell you it is fun

Let them take their camera
For beauty captured fast
Setting suns are gorgious
Alas they will not last

Let them take a bus
Not far from Falmouth city
Then they should take the boat
Cause Martha's vineyard is pretty

They could eat a sandwich
Or even some french fries
A salade and a beer
Of those nobody dies

Cape Cod is just a paradise
I know, I have been there
And tell them when they meet Nan's car
They really should be aware

It locks you up or shuts you out
And the safety belts are running
It is a wolf in sheepy cloths
Oh boy this car is stunning

Let them know I envy them
Not being newlyweds, oh no
Because they're going to Cape Cod
And that's where I want to go


Wish them a happy trip.


Like scattered words will flow

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