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Angels Fall
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All was silent
None was home
A young girl had returned
She hummed a tune
With a smile of delight
Her brother in the other room
Never knew she was there
Back from school
She twirled in her yellow sundress
A paper in her hand
That held many colors
She had made a present for her big brother
Skipping to his room happily
She froze at his door curiously
There he sat on his bed
His head hung low
With a gun to his head
The girl was rather confused
She was nine years old and didn't understand
With a click and a pop
The blood squirted out
A lifeless body fell to the ground
The girl's eyes widened in terror
She could not speak nor move
All she could do was stare at the bloody body
milli seconds turned to seconds
Seconds turned to minutes
Finally, a bloodcurdling scream made its way out
As the girl dropped to her knees
Crawling forward desperately
She touched his once brown hair
Matted with crimson red
She held him close
The blood stained her hands
The cops came and dragged her away
Despite her screams of protest, they took her brother
Her mother came and saw
She cried in agony
Turning to the girl
Her eyes stormed with emotions
She grabbed her daughter adn shook her
It was all her fault
She was told it was her fault
It was not supposed to be him
But her
As the trauma settled in
The girl went numb
Her tears dried up
She could feel no more
The girl who lost so much
The girl who feared
The girl who cried
The girl you are pitying now]
Was, In fact

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1 posted 2011-11-05 10:36 AM

What a beautiful and horrible poem! Amazing and gruesome, absolutely sickening in all aspects. Your words are wonderful and the only advice I have for you is start to play around with punctuation. It can add so much.
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