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Toronto, Canada

0 posted 2010-02-02 12:27 PM

blunt wraps on 'White-Widow'
10 steps ahead of Sour-Diesel
Peril echoes,
rippling the Habitual barrel
For a living, shoveled snow till I chafed
so screw police, I keep the streets safe
Why raze the roof if no one’s watching
Why write a bar if no one’s reading
my serene dome's in dream mode,
With supreme poems of scenes imploding
I vibe violently within white hoodies
Aint the 'triple-K',
but devastate deliriously
Days of black and white form memory
Gone not only is savagery
but passion filled longevity
I've written rhymes rhyming past times ruined.
these times are hard and they keep tightening
Still living in times of ruin,
I keep the weight moving
Spiting' harder then Gods Egyptians are believing
Harder then when Pacewon's "Children Sing"
the only color that matters to me is green
To be the sickest MC
you gotta close ya casket like Pimp-C
instrumentals, demonic pianos and blasphemy
I be, D to the E, to the F,I,N,I,T.
You best be, G.S.P, opposing the heart in me!
Chasing the dragon, Requiem for a Dream
This is the opening of a serpents theme
My extreme regime, supreme defending team
a reusable routine like discussing
Religion playing Russian roulette
with living conditions
normally in death or prison
burn debris, adjourn envy then return...
faster than 'A' students can learn
my only worldly concern is basing payment of bills
on an estimated tax return and abortion pills!

- If I cant bend Heaven, I shall move Hell -

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1 posted 2010-03-02 12:03 PM

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