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0 posted 2010-01-19 08:11 PM

Hate is strange,
although everyone may feel
hate, how can it cause change?
It's just a damn emotion,
that causes the whole world
to go to war with guns and explosion.
Hate is feared by many
it could bring you riches
or leave you poor without even a penny.
Why feel hate when it's no use,
and when your crazy with hate
you end up with a charge for abuse.
Hate could freeze your soul
and even in your heart
hate could pierce a hole.
Right now it's hard to understand
how strong hate has become
and now hate has taken over command.
It's hard today for people to relate
and do good without doing bad
for we all live in a world filled with a hate.

© Copyright 2010 Sheen Techur - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2011-01-30 07:28 PM

It is a sad but true poem. Things that you typically do not want to consider, but need to. Thank you for bringing it out into the open, for being able to look at hate for what it is. I love the honesty, it is a very graceful poem.
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2 posted 2011-01-31 11:05 PM

Hate is like hot lava in your BVD's... There's no describing it for a few choice moments, then all of a sudden everything gets wildly out of hand really fast, then people start running and screaming, and screaming and running and there's a vast chasm which seems to open up between you and the sacred earth because you are no longer in her, and no longer part of her having grasped and embraced the dark symphony of Hades Unholy Unction and it is made a part of the stain of the soul, the price for such knowledge being deeper hate, greater cruelty, and more wrath, growing proportionately on the path to unspeakable evil of the foulest kind until a near cross-over of a sort occurs and the would be man of power has had his senses opened and his heart perceives more around him than his eyes ever did alone. But it isn't the truth to see the bad without the good so his power increases and his knowledge grows until one day he thinks he has the answer and it's all, oh, heave ho, get a clue everything goes upside down until after waaaaaaaay too much anguish you come back to nothing again after the ax-murderer phase is over and we should have had the stones to make it count the first go round instead of wasting everyone's time so now we become a second rate magician with parlor tricks and   a Criss Angel Mind Freak Kit.

Just sayin it's bad.

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