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0 posted 2009-10-19 01:55 AM

Covered in our beds, sleeping safe and sound
While wars are waged, lives lost to gain ground
Nothing is perfect, nothing is what it seems
Dreams are slashed and filled with screams
Thousands fighting and dying for red and blue
Rich profit off prisons, society has gone askew
Senseless crime and violence is on the rise
The fault of our country, on path to its demise

Our famous war on drugs has completely failed
While convicts that mock our system have prevailed
Corporate greed forced a recession on our nation
America's last administration only led to frustration
This next generation bares our hope for salvation
Hopeless and divorced parents are led into desperation
We don't see the governments manipulation and lies
We count on the wise, as they make a dollar in disguise

In a world so cold, who are we supposed to trust
Cop badges are unjust, corrupted by greed and lust
In a world so scary, doomsday clock strikes midnight
Worldly tension builds, waiting for a spark to ignite
Depression fills us when we see life isn't suitable
With no answers, we are turned to pharmacueticals
Understanding good and evil is where life truly begins
Hoping and waiting for an answer where everybody wins...

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of Depression
1 posted 2009-10-20 07:58 PM

T’is a shame that hoping and waiting
Will continue without any slating,
For no compromise will make it happen
Peace is just the between the wars again.
Everyone is never happy, never content,
Even after many lives are spent.
Prisons so heartless and ever so cold
Is not something moneymakers enfold,
But casually they simply ignore
As a place where human waste we store
Never to flush but recycle poorly once more.
Yes there is a war on drugs so I’m told
But t’is just time and money misspent
For no compromise will make it happen
T’is a shame that you go hoping and waiting.


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2 posted 2009-10-23 07:12 AM

Pimp. Sup Swisha. Havent seen you post in awhile.
Nice writ!
Yeah I gotta get in on this...

We live in a world...that without chaos, nothing evolves!
No different than cells with a work permit.
My thoughts seem dark since the nine planets planed it!
I have too many thoughts that care...
Like when a child is lost in Madison Square
I feel the depth, feel the bold
feel like Leviathan with fangs of gold
While sippin the blood your body drips turned cold!
A wizard with weapons is an opera to my ear
Supreme anger about unseen vaccines, porn on widescreen
Infrared beams and schemes that take dreams to the next extreme

While dealing with "H1N1",
Fresh attacks are rockin' Pakistan.
Anthrax spreads to any woman in bed with the mailman.
Now the World awaits Iran's nuclear answer.
The sun still produces skin cancer!
My hate mail sent to the Secretary of State,
lets debate the Mau Mau uprising and infant mortality rate...
Yeah it was years ago, but I have a desire to know!
Why did the British round them up?
Thousands in camps...What, did they take notes from Hitler?
Bitter about the possible fact another regime has taken power?
All they wanted was independence to form a new nation that doesnt falter

This world is screwed
Maybe that’s why I [edited] and sleep in till 6 or 7.
Principles of heaven. Gaza where Hamas rains terror,
fury at the gates, glory from above.
I'm talkin bout the bombs that drop from an intervention by military
The ones that become the highlight of the nightly news story.
Sodom and Gomorrah, the past that predicts the future.
Judgment is coming, Judgment is calling.
So kiss [edited] good-bye with all your belongings.

- If I cant bend Heaven, I shall move Hell -

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3 posted 2009-10-24 11:17 PM

Thanks for the feed! Yeah it's been a while, been writing some still just havn't posted as much of it. I'm still down to collab on something, if you have some ideas to throw my way let me know
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