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0 posted 2009-05-03 08:16 PM

The floor is so cold, where am I?
Is this the end to my stress filled days?
Survived my razorbladed salvation.
Survived a long battle with depression.
Wouldn't be here if my homie didn’t find me.
The same friend died in the army.
So in his eyes I never made it.
Since God can't judge me...
I'll be the 'soul-survivor'.
Right hand or south paw,
the first war-monger
to explore life passively!
Clearly all you have to do is HEAR ME!
Feel me as the 'Four-Horsemen'
are dropped to knees before me.
Friends adjusted to life on drugs,
another form of slavery.
Mothers smoking crack
in the delivery room with a baby.
Yet people still ask why finding me sober
is similar to finding a four-leaf-clover!

Since birth,
been the property of penitentiaries
been picturing pistols since my adolescence
Am I still human?
Wish I had a life before it was ruined
I reminisce about life's facts.
I was barred from the Pearly Gates
Why focus on a war with drugs,
or a war in the Middle East.
Why do we need "Christ" to bring peace?
Every person has it in them to be "Almighty"
Everyone can view life like Aphrodite.
If I can stand here like Zeus in ancient mythology
Right in the middle of the passion.
Right in the middle of the crisis.
Right here able to do something about it,
so can you!
If only more were right here
WILLING to embrace it...
The world would be a better place!

- If I cant bend Heaven, I shall move Hell -

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1 posted 2009-05-07 08:10 PM

I'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight over how much pain I think your feeling.Please,tell your secret,don't worry it's safe with me.My heart is bleeding with love for you.

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