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0 posted 1999-09-01 06:21 PM

We alone have been together,
Through good times and bad.
While other friends deserted or fought,
We waited it out until the end.

We fight about silly things,
Who did what, who said what.
But it never really sticks.
We alone stood together.

Hard times settled over all.
War and rage was every where.
Fights broke out, strong words were used.
The very groups were waging war.

Our school is divided into about five groups,
To none of which we belonged.
We took no sides,
Just walked our own lonely path.

Some of our friends
Were caught up in the war.
There was nothing we could do.
It was not our battle.

Tears and anger were widespread.
Some deserted the groups.
We found our lifestyle was greatly desired.
Deserters wanted to join our little group.

Our group grew and grew,
But this life was not for us.
Though peace had finally come,
We were at war with ourselves.

Never before had we run away from something.
But there was no solution.
We deserted, ran away.
We told them to pick new leaders.

We started over,
Began again.
We continued down our lonely path.
Two friends, together forever.

A duo.

© Copyright 1999 Venus - All Rights Reserved
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the wonderful land of oz
1 posted 2002-11-01 03:26 AM

good write.  you obviously put a lot of thought into this piece.  and too bad it was posted so early in teen.

if this email adress is still valid, perhaps you might want to come back.  nothing gets zeros anymore.

and i hated seeing a zero next to this one.

thanks for the read.  


what if they gave a war, and nobody came...

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2 posted 2007-11-13 07:53 PM



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