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I wrote this poem for a girl I've loved for half a year.. I've never told her. She came to me when I broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years.. we're best friends now.. but I feel more than that for her. Anyways.. here it is:
My Rainbow Girl:
You came to me in my time of need,
As my world began to slip, and my heart began to rip,
You broke through my cloudy storm, and brought blue skys,
Like a rainbow you came unexpected and brought beauty to my eyes,
Finally, no more drowning rain, choking on pain,
No more teardrops rippling through my rivers of despair,
Where is my angel? Does anybody care?
I looked at you almost like a newborn baby to it's mother,
Feeling love for stranger you know better than any other,
I look into your eyes and fall deep into your sea,
Swimming in confusion, I wonder why,
Why don't you feel the same? A heart's not a game,
But I feel like I've lost, what does it cost,
If there's a way I'll do it all for you,
I'd write my love in the stars to prove it's true,
You planted a seed inside my heart unknowing,
Of the love that is growing, like a river flowing,
Endless and deep, this secret keep,
Locked away, no words can I say,
None could describe the saturation of love so unreal,
If I told you my thruths, how would you feel?
Would you understand and absorb my reflection,
I never could ask because I fear your rejection,
You'll always have my warmth, but never my flame,
Thank you my beautiful rainbow girl, for drying my rain,
I'll always protect you from those who bring you hurt & despair,
I love you my darling, I'll sooth you & care,
Don't cry for me now, and be deaf to my groan,
..... it's just the screams of a heart so alone.

© Copyright 1999 c0nman - All Rights Reserved
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it was lovely show it to her

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I know how it feels to love someone and them not love in return, whether it be a good friend or someone really special it hurts. I think you should give her this poem, any guy who can write like that is most likely a guy worth likeing. Best of luck.

Maitay Mirabel Litton

~depression is not a sickness of the body or mind, but of the heart. When the heart feels alone and afraid~
Maitay Mirabel Litton

TrulY PreciouS
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You know it's better to tell her your feelings. You should go for it because you'll never know her true feelings about you too. I told... well actually, gave him big, obvious hints that I did like him. As it turns out, he does have the same feelings for me too. Just a little advice. You should also read your poem to her because this is a very lovely poem. It gives me back old memories. =D

TrulĀ„ PreciouĀ§

"Live and Learn! Forgive and Forget! Take advantage in life coz life is short and it's only once in a lifetime!"

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Lovely makes the reader understand what you feel. This subject can bring you many more pieces to write. Stay with it and write more on what happens and how you feel afterward.

The only man worth your tears will never make you cry...

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