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0 posted 1999-08-13 02:55 AM

We were so happy together,
when I said goodbye and held you tight.
I still dont know why God took you away from me that night.
I remember how u used to make me laugh,
when all I wanted to do was cry.
So tell me God ,tell me now,
why did u have to make him die?I remember your smile,and how nice you used to be, so why did God take you away from me?
I remember that rainy day, we held each other and cried in your car,
but now you are gone.
You swerved off the road and into a tree,
the moments before you died, I hope you were thinking about me.
I wish I could have felt all your pain,
but now my tears are lost in the rain.
before I die, I will count to seven,
I will remember you, and your kisses from heaven.

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1 posted 1999-08-13 08:35 PM

Something I noticed reading a lot of poems here is that people have a lot of suicidal thoughts. Seems like you feel the same way judging by the last two lines, which I think made your whole poem. From experience I would just like to say to you(and to everyone who is reading and has considered/are considering suicide),that
in all honesty there is nothing in this world that is worth it. The challenge of life is to be able to live and deal with the pain and the problems. Its not hard to give up, but quitters never win. Im sure you know that by now, but I just felt like i had to restate it. Thank you.

Have a nice day and smile! =)

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