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Take me away to that place that only you can
That place of happines and perfect joy
That place that is such a magical land

The place where there's no such thing as hate
The sun's always shining, the birds singing
That amazing place that is simply great.

Where is the wonderful place of which I speak
Where every creature lives in perfect harmony
In the sky, and in the forest and the creek?

It is where I am when I'm with my true love
The one who knows how to take me higher
The one that is my miracle from up above

Are you eager to know the person I speak of?
If you are, just take a look in the mirror
Yes, it is true, you are my one true love

The only one for me, for the rest of my life
You're the sun to my sky, my song's melody
And the bee to my honey, The end to my strife

I love you now, and with each day even more
Without you, I would be like a lost puppy
I have never loved anyone like this before

You know I'll love you forever and for always
Cause you're the only one in the world for me
The one I will love you for all of my days.

To: Dimples
Love: Honey

People who throw kisses are hopelessly lazy.
-Bob Hope

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In the space between moments
1 posted 1999-08-07 01:29 AM

Very beautiful, Angel. Well done!

*Krista Knutson*

"Your kiss upon my face feels like a brush with grace, baby thats all it takes to take me higher..." SHeDaisy

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