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0 posted 1999-08-06 01:03 AM

Ten or twelve bikers were gathered inside the dome
And now the gay skaters wished they could go home
The bikers were better, and they knew it was true
What they did was better than what the skaters could do
The kid on the War Pig he did an awesome tail whip
And then the one on the Redline even did a back flip
The one on the Huffy, now he did a Superman
The skater on the Muska, did a kickflip the best he can
The skaters got jealous and purposely got in their way
The bikers they yelled, “We don’t care, you’re all gay!”
Then a kid tried an X up, the one on the DK
He yelled to the skater “Hey faggot, get out of my way!”
But the skater, just ignored what the kid said
And replied, “Last night your mom was good in bed”
This remark got the kid as angry as ever before,
He took the skaters head and rammed it into the door.
The kid on the War Pig punched a skater in the face
And replied, “That should put you skaters back in your place”
The kid on the Redline grabbed one kids piece of plywood
Cracked it over his head, it busted him up real good.
The kid on the Huffy, got a hold og one cauky skater fagot
And punched him so very hard in the gut
You see, for our super dudes on bikes, this was a average day
Of keeping those fagot skaters out of bikers way.

© Copyright 1999 dude - All Rights Reserved
Black Rain
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1 posted 1999-08-06 01:11 AM

The poems were really funny. very good. you have don't like skaters much, do you? you must be a biker?!
black rain

"I'm just a girl...standing in front of a boy...asking him to love her." - Notting Hill

Slim Shady
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2 posted 1999-08-06 02:00 AM

terrific observation Black Rain

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Black Rain
since 1999-07-19
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California, USA
3 posted 1999-08-06 01:58 PM

LOL be quiet! I was being sarcastic! except for the part when i said great poem which i meant.
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4 posted 1999-08-07 07:30 PM

Dude, this is a really great poem. All of my friends are bikers and they hate it when skaters get in the way. Keep the poems coming. You have lots of talent and they are really funny.

People who throw kisses are hopelessly lazy.
-Bob Hope

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