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This is more of a short story but I hope you like it.

As Brianne close her eyes and let herself fall backwards into her bed. She sighed at the relieving feeling of the comfortable bed after a long days work. Kicked off her crimson heels and began to think. Many questions began to run through her mangled head. He says he loves me but is he worthy of my trust? Will he cherish me forever or is it just another silly game to him? I have been hurt by men before, so how do I know what I feel for Steve is real? She did not have time to contemplate these things, tonight was special. It was three years on this day that Steve and her began to seriously date. She had know him for a few years prior to that but only as an accquaintance. As she slipped into the gorgeous black dress she had chosen for their date tonight, she reassured herself that Steve was the one, the one that would make her forget about her terrifying past.
Steve pulled up in front of her New York City apartment at 8:30, right on time. His candy red '69 Chevy Corvette looked better than she had ever seen it. And on the radio, their song, "From This Moment" was playing. It was the perfect beginning to the perfect night, Brianne was sure he was something special but she had no idea was in store for her. As she daintily stepped into the car she felt his hand gently reach out for hers then his gentle touch and finally the sweet embrace of his perfect lips agains her wrist like the wind kissing the flowers in the radiant morning sun. As they began to drive, Brianne realized where they were going. Angelo's, here favorite Italian restaurant. It was a quaint little corner shop but she absolutely adored it. It was the kind from the movies, where the Italian guys with big mustaches come to your table and play the violin for you. She couldn't help it, she was a hopeless romantic, that is why she cared for Steve so much, she could tell him her hopes and dreams and fears without ever worrying about rejection. Rejection was the one thing that scared her most in life, more so than death. She had felt the bitter hand of rejection tingle down her spine so many times before, even her father rejected her. When she was the tender age of 12 he sexually abused her and when she tried to tell the one person she trusted in her life, her mom, her mom ridiculed her and called her a liar. Both of her parents disowned her at the age of 13 and with no other family she was forced to live on the streets. But enough of her past, it was time to look to the future. As they walked through the door she spotted their corner booth lit with candles, just like the first time they came here three years ago. On the table was a sign that read "Reserved for Two Young Lovers". As they sat down one of the Italian men handed them a menu, but there was no need for this. They already knew what they were getting, spaghetti and meatballs, just like Brianne's favorite movie "Lady and the Tramp", she really is a hopeless romantic and a bottle of white wine, also her favorite. They savored the delicious spaghetti as they took in the music of the violinists. They finally came to the last strand of spaghetti. Each one of them started at opposite sides and they met int the middle with a kiss more passionate then you could ever see in any movie. Then, the Italian waiter, Gino, asked them if they would like any dessert. Steve ordered as he always did, Apple Pie Alamoed and Brianne order a Hot Fudge Sundae with nuts and a cherry on top. Five minutes past and Brianne spotted the waiter. Everything was as normal as ever until Brianne saw her dessert. That is the one that made so many emotions run through her mind, happiness, glee, joy and so much more. As the waiter served her her sundae Steve chimed in, "Bri, you know you are my one and only and I love you more then life it's self. I know you have been hurt by guys in the past but I am ready to make you forget about all of them. I couldn't imagine my life without you. Would you give me the great honor of being my beautiful wife for the rest of your life?" Brianne just sat there staring in awe at the breathtaking diamond engagement ring. No one had ever done anything to compare to this ever before. She was left awed by his words of beauty and could do nothing but meekly shake her head yes. He looked in her eyes, got up walked toward her. Steve picked up Brianne and began to laugh and spin her. She felt like a childhood again. Maybe that is why she loved Steve so, he brought back her childhood, yes that was it he made everything okay. As he carried her out of the restaurant and into the car she felt for the first time in her life, she felt utter happiness. She was with Steve now and Steve was with her. They held each other's hearts. This was the beginning of the rest of her life...

People who throw kisses are hopelessly lazy.
-Bob Hope

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no one replied so i will it was a good short story and nice quote


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FOr me, the worst romantic int eh world, that sounds like the best thing that could ever happen. My life has been similair, yet in ways not so bad. That was a wonderful story, and I envy any girl who has had soemthing so special happen to her. Great job.

~depression is not a sickness of the body or mind, but of the heart. When the heart feels alone and afraid~
Maitay Mirabel Litton

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