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Slim Shady
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since 1999-08-03
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Phoenix, AZ, USA

0 posted 1999-08-05 10:25 PM

I have a secret that only I know,
it is buried deep inside me,
and it just won't let go.
I wish it would leave,
and never come back.
I will always keep it to myself,
for I am afraid how people will react.
It has now been haunting me for years,
and when i am alone in my room,
I still cry painful tears.
Why can't I just forget what I've done?
Have it be removed from my thoughts,
but from it, I cannot run.
It will always be here with me,
but i am determined that the pain it causes,
no one will ever see.
But I try with all my heart to forget,
and as I sit here right now,
Like a bad dream, it hits.
No one will ever here of my horrible tale,
I will take it to my grave,
And this goal, I will not fail.
It grasps my heart in such a painful way,
I think back on that unbearable memory,
and I will never forget that day.

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since 1999-08-06
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Brownwood, Texas, USA
1 posted 1999-08-06 03:46 PM

I don't want to come across as rude but i have to ask Why Are You So Down On Life?
There's plenty of HAPPY stuff to write about
you just have to live life to it's fullest and make everyday count for something.
Maybe you could take that into consideration.


since 1999-07-16
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2 posted 1999-08-06 06:56 PM

Sometimes that best time to write is when ou aren't looking at life too good. It can sometimes change a viewpoint. If you can only express yourself like this... cool. I thought it was wonderful. Awesome job.

~depression is not a sickness of the body or mind, but of the heart. When the heart feels alone and afraid~
Maitay Mirabel Litton

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