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0 posted 1999-08-04 09:13 PM

I looked in the mirror so sadly,
And thought to myself it hurts so badly,
There are more fish in the sea,
My mom had told me.
And how could i be who he wanted me to be.
I'd said there wouldn't be anyone like him,
She'd said "you're light in the tunnel of life can't be that dim",
Her words of wisdom gave me confidence,
Her comforting eyes made me less tense.
Now i smile when i remember that chat,
I got over that boy,
And that was that.

So give me your opinions please

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1 posted 1999-08-04 10:45 PM

Here are some titles, i don't know if you'll like them this is a great poem for how little it is, but it gets to the point i like it,
here's some titles:
"Mother's Wisdom"
"Mother's Words"
"A Heart healed by Mother"
I don't know, a title is the main point behind the poem, and i think the main point i got was, "Mother's loving Words of Wisdom."
That's just what i think, one small mind!


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2 posted 1999-08-11 10:06 AM

It's clear you have a great gift for expressing your feelings in a way that others can understand and relate to...and this is remarkable for one so young.

Keep writing Littlered :-)

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3 posted 1999-08-14 04:54 AM

read my newest poem it basicly sayin how i could never get over thqat 1
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4 posted 1999-08-14 12:11 PM

thank you Katie..

You make me very proud!..
Two writers in the same family?? haha
We need more paper!! (smile)

You never cease to amaze me.


**A dream is a wish your heart makes :)

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