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0 posted 1999-07-31 12:53 PM

have you ever felt like this is as good as it gets,
like this is all that life has to offer you.
have you ever felt like your life is pointless,
like everything you loved has lost all its meaning.
have you ever felt like nobody understands what its like for you,
when you feel completely alone.

when will all this pain inside be released,
when will the day come, when i for once appreciate me for who i am.

have you ever thought taht you can't live like this,
trying to please everyone but yourself.
have you ever thought that you'll never be treated
the way that you treat them.
have you ever thought that you can't face tomorrow,
like every day you feel worse and worse.
have you ever thought that all your friends are for is to betray you.

when will i stop worrying about everything,
and live a normal teenage life.

have you ever wondered if you died today,
what your funeral would be like.
have you ever wondered who would cry,
or who wouldn't.
have you ever wondered what your family would think of you,
if you chose the easy way out.
have you ever wondered if the so-called friends that betrayed you,
would they finally admit how they destroyed this girls innocent heart,
would they cry.

i feel terrible thinking these thoughts, but i just want them to feel some of the pain that i feel everyday.

when will all of these thoughts, feelings, and worries go away?
when will i get help or be cured?
when will i be happy again, like when i was a little girl?
when will someone want to get to know the real me, instead of running when the relationship gets serious?

when will i need not worry about the future getting better,
and just be happy with the present?!

i would really like to hear your guys' thoughts on this piece, i appreciate anything! thanks


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1 posted 1999-07-31 01:30 AM

i REALLY want to hear your thoughts, good or bad whatever, i just want to hear from you guys! thanks ~kas~
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2 posted 1999-07-31 03:43 AM

i used to feel the same way and thinka lot of bad thoughts as well. but don't worry things will work out. i also think that it's good to express urself, it makes it easier.

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3 posted 1999-07-31 11:24 AM

Butterfly I wanted to thank you for responding to all the poems that were empty. You let us know that someone appreciated our thoughts. Everything will get better, and you will see that the world has alot to offer each of us. Self happyness is one thing. You are a wonderful writer and I love how you write from the heart. Keep writing!

~depression is not a sickness of the body or mind, but of the heart. When the heart feels alone and afraid~
Maitay Mirabel Litton

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