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A smile for a geek?

If I asked you
would you care to take my hand?
would you love me for a moment
and try to understand?
Because I have seen you before,
You and your friends around school.

you’re the one who is always hesitant to ridicule me.
I can see that you are different.
When others tease me
I see the hurt in your eyes.
and even though you don’t tell them to stop-
You just stand there and don’t say a word.
That doesn’t deserve a thank you,
I just thought you might want to know
That I noticed.

So now would you notice the true me?
Would you care to look beyond my torn clothes
or my dirty baseball cap
or the glasses I have to wear because I am partial blind.
Would you?
Because I have this secret-
I love you.
You are different from the others in your popular crowd
I can tell you have a good heart.
Is it good enough to love me?
I never was good enough for society
I was brushed aside from my peers,
and even you.
Please I am asking you to pull yourself away
from the cool clothes you wear and your perfect blonde hair
and not see me as a washed up slob
but as Eric Johnson,
not the school geek-
but as a friend.
Would you care to ?
Because others don’t
and If I could have your love
you would be my queen.

I saw you in the hall the other day-
you looked so utterly perfect.
I smiled at you
and you smiled back.
Your friends laughed at me and called me names,
this time you told them to stop.

I want to thank you now,
the girl of my dreams.
My love for you will probably never be discovered
but I still want to thank you -
for stopping.
Stopping out of your busy day and giving me that smile.
I will forever love you.
But it’s okay if you don’t return it.

For now just keep giving me that smile
and stop your friends from their teasing
and when you look at me
look at me as a friend
and everything will be okay...
I’ll be okay.

Katy Witmer 11-27-98


a broken ceiling
reminding us of broken dreams
memories of him washing into the sea.
Wasting time wrestling with demons,
fighting for the angels to win the war.

Get on the good side,
stay with the best
and in the end the worst will come in last.
I’ll be your crying shoulder-
sing you lullabyes when the pain is too much,
you are just in need of a healing touch.

I’ll give it to you,
I’ll do my best.
Set aside my problems and put yours to the test.
Answers are lying their before our eyes-
you and me will find them together in time.

Convince some angels to stick on our side.
I know they will listen.

Evil lurks in mysterious ways,
funny how it managed to find us.

Yes you and me.

It’s okay though,
I have a strong fight.
I won’t give up-
I promise it will be allright.
Sometimes the world is just full of hate,
give it time-
just you wait.

Plant a flower,
and we will make it better.
I’ll try not to mess it up.
We will go on this journey
to find the answers to life’s puzzels,
build the picture back together-
put the puxxle pieces back in place.

Didn’t I tell you in the end we would be the one’s to win the race?


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