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0 posted 1999-07-20 12:23 PM

As we pulled out of the driveway
I realized I didn't live here anymore
10 years of taking for granted
Everything and everyone.

I wondered what it would be like
In this new place we traveled to
Hoping I'd make new friends
But never like me and you.

We met in second grade
Which doesn't seem so long
But since I left this place
Nowhere do I belong.

I'm meant to be back home
With all my friends from way back when
And when I called and wrote to you
I assured you we'd meet again.

I remembered all the good times
At your house and in my pool
And it wasn't till I got where I was going
That I realized I was such a fool.

I'd taken for granted all I had
And now I had nothing to lose
Nothing to gain either
So I just remembered you.

I came back that next year
In November, and told you
We started crying to eachother
But the sky seemed much more blue.

The grass was greener,
The sun shone brighter
Everything was right.

And now that I know not to
I'll never take for granted anything
And we'll always be tight.


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1 posted 1999-07-20 05:42 PM

Unfortunately thats the way things always seem to happen. You dont realize what u7 have till its not longer there all the time. You have those feelings running deep and true through your writing.Maybe someone will read this before they have to feel this pain.
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