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I gave you a garden-full of trust flowers
Each one’s pale pink velvet petals
Delicate and fragile to the touch.
Glistening with my tears as I handed them over -
An investment of faith.
One by one, you crushed them,
Or broke them,
Ripped their roots out of my heart,
Or neglected to care for them,
Never paying attention
To their delicate petals’ soft, trusting color
Until there was only one flower left.
I put it under lock and key
And watered it daily with hot, bitter tears…
Not for the lost trust,
But for the lost friend.
I guarded the flower - held it close-
And refused to share its beauty with others
Until I could replant my garden.
But trust flowers aren’t quick to grow or bloom.
After the damage was done,
After you had plucked each delicate bud
From their fertile place in my heart
You realized your mistake… too late.
Crestfallen, you handed them back.
Softly cupped between your hands,
The crushed flowers - the damaged trust -
Were gently placed in my lap.
And with a pleading, frantic look
You begged me to repair them;
To trust you again with my heart.
And I did.
I smoothed the rumpled petals
Merely a shadow of their
Once beautiful pink velvet life.
I replanted them in my heart,
Tenderly watered them with my tears
And firmly packed their roots down deep.
Overjoyed at the prospect of reform,
I opened freely the gate to you -
Trusted you with my soul.
But you hadn’t changed.
The flowers were damaged again -
Many beyond repair.
You placed their limp, dead bodies before me,
Hoping for some miracle - for instant forgiveness -
And were sadly disappointed
When I could not revive them,
And were shocked
When your eyes finally saw
The ravaged garden in my heart
Crushed and trampled - destroyed by carelessness.
With bitter tears I revived what trust I could.
Upon trying to enter the garden,
You found it barred,
And had to work to gain admittance.
The flowers barely resembled the once beautiful garden
I had opened freely to you,
And I flinched
When you stepped on the freshly replanted
Ground of my heart.
My one beautiful trust flower - carefully guarded -
Caught your eye
And you wanted to touch it.
Please forgive me if I’m selfish for awhile
For trust must be re-grown
And I will cling to my one beautiful flower
Until I know you can be trusted
To treat it with the care it deserves.

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oh my god- I absolutely LOVED your poem. The way you portrayed trust as delicate flowers was amazing.- Keep writing. I am no poetry expert but- you touched me and i'm sure many others, and many more to come still!
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