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0 posted 1999-06-16 07:01 PM

Dancing with an angel
On love and dust.
We make our own music
With an instrument of lust.
Strobe-light making me dizzy as hell.
Or is it just the way you smell?

Now the floor is shaking.
Now the earth is quaking.
As our hearts begin to reawaken.
Dance closer baby.
'Cause I think just maybe
We could dance the whole night away.

Once the shaking's stopped
And the moon has dropped
From its place in the heavens
To the parking lot.
Now you leave me hanging
In this place thats swaying.
All alone, as you go home.

Luke Cakalic

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1 posted 1999-08-12 04:58 AM

savour anticipation's sweetness, it has a delightful flavor of its own...i could feel your disappointment in that last stanza

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2 posted 1999-08-12 10:39 AM

Oh Luke...this brought back many memories of when I was first learning about love & my own desires....wonderful piece as I knew it would be since it had your name on it ! I'll add it to my folder of your work.....

- poet FemmeFatale

"The strongest man in the world is he who stands most alone..." Henrik Ibsen (1826-1906) Norwegian dramatist lyric poet

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