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0 posted 1999-07-05 12:35 PM

This is my first poem to actually put i would appeciate your comments...good or's about a recent experience that i had....and how i feel about please respond...thanx.

Maybe You....
No one ever saw it.....The never even expected it....
He was all I ever wanted
All a girl could ever
ever have dreamed of
He'd call you
when you asked
He'd call you
when you didn't
He'd call you
just to hear your voice
He'd write you
when you asked him to
He'd write you
just to make you happy
He'd write you
just to speak to you
He'd talk to you
when you talked to him
He'd talk to you
even if he had more important things to do
He'd talk to you
just to talk to you
For in his eyes,
I lay perfect
and in my eyes,
he lied perfected
Only now, that true love
was spawned together
quickly now,
it was torn apart
a greedy and selfless deed
done by no other
then two greedy and worthless souls
them selves
not thinking of what she wanted
not ever taking into mind
what was right for her
or what she wanted
never asking
what she wanted
and the one time
that she asked
they spit...looked down in sheer disgust
and yelled a little louder
never too sure
how to make her feel
Now, she lies numbly
sprawled on the floor
not moving
not speaking
not showing any signs of living
she stares up hopelessly
at the blue-streaked sky
if they would ever her her lonely cries
cries for help
for it's swallowed her up whole
she drowns in her own self-misery
every nite
not trying to stop it either
for she finds no way
that she could really even care
about what they say
and what they do
or what they want
no one ever did the same for her
no one ever really cared
except for him
only him
for she saw her perfect
and he held her perfect
he couldn't dream of changing her
his one and only
perfect angel
who lies no longer
brings him down now
he lies there
with empty hands
nothing left now
without her
without her love
he slowly and painfully
drowns in self miesery
not knowing what else to do
for no one else is left for him
for no one else cares
a reunited love
up above in the clouds
they themselves
fall gracefully
and they lie together
no more misery
no more worrying
no more hate
no more ignorance
for it's all over
Baby, it's all over now

~r.t.~ a.k.a ~Angel~

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In the space between moments
1 posted 1999-07-05 12:49 PM

Wow, incredible. This really touched me, perhaps because I have been in similar situations. Wonderfully written, r.t.

*Krista Knutson*

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2 posted 1999-07-05 10:24 AM

That was beautiful, I have had the same experience. Same situation. Thanks so much for writing this.


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