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0 posted 1999-07-04 04:15 PM

This is a poem/story for everyone for 4th of July. I'm not American. I have none in my blood. But I believe that as North Americans, we should all stick together during rough times.

One day, I was visiting my great-grandfather.
It was the 4th of July,
So I asked him about our anthem,
And why the bombs burst so high.
"Well little girl, I'll tell you why",
And so he began his heroic tale,
Of near death experiences,
And his walks through rough hail.
"We were out in a storm, one horrible night,
And the wind had blown all our ammo.
But we all stuck together, in our time of need, making sure we would all walk free tomorrow".
So great grandpa went on, with a tear in one eye, as he portrayed his greatest adventure.
I was fascinated by all that he said, about jumping from planes, and marching ahead.
But one thing he told me, I never ever knew, was that at the end of the battle, he was shot too.
"I was all by myself, I was screaming in pain, I thought I would die, on that big barren plain."
"But then along came a soldier, from the other side, the ones I was supposed to be fighting. He picked me up, and took me to camp, and helped me survive that day."
So I sort of understood what great grandpa was saying, that in times like these ,
It doesn't matter what colour or culture you are, we are the same in times of need.
"So take heed little girl to all that I say, when you leave this house, and go out to play. Watch what you say, to all of your friends, sometime when you are caught in a storm, they'll stand by you , and save the day".


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1 posted 1999-07-04 10:37 PM

wow.......that was good. a good tale
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