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Crying tears brought on by evil intentions
Depression making unwanted resurections
Drowning in a deep sea of restrictions
Fragile heart filled with unbearable intentions

Verbal abuse like sharp knives on this mind
Listening to tears makes the devil in you shine
Watching torturous suffering time after time
I'm dying with this pain, and you're doing just fine.

Much aggression taken out on the weak
Cuz the stronger survive while we are left on our knees
Rejection black scarred on our soul heartlessly
Battered and bruised and not a word can we speak

So immersed in this opaque hole of mine
Saviors and lights don't even shine
Abandoned and lost no direction to find
Suicidal attempts constantly on my mind

Opposition to the love that I seek on the daily
Torture or neglect, anything else, I see rarely
Like the knives on my mind, I see some glisten sharply
Horrible pain will set in shortly

To get away from this distress can be so simple
A little pain can't be compared to forever being peaceful
Frustration, anger, violence, times you've been so hurtful
All gone when I draw the blood.. it's so simple..

"If to rectify your demeanor,
You must imitate another,
Your philosiphy on morality
Is a burden on your mentality,
Your actions based on popularity,
Will never fulfill you internally,
Cuz the world was not blessed with equality,
But rather with fake geniality.

© Copyright 1999 Rakhee - All Rights Reserved
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navwin » Archives » Teen Poetry #1 » Its So Simple

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