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Member Empyrean
since 2001-08-14
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Canada eh.

0 posted 2005-07-05 06:54 PM

Is the 'cat' home yet
You mean he's on his way..'sooooon'
Time for us to zoom
It's been party time for mice
Cut the cheese..just one more slice.

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Earth Angel
Member Empyrean
since 2002-08-27
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Realms of Light
1 posted 2005-07-05 07:04 PM

Methinks the Big Cat will get an eyeful of fleeing mice when he returns!

I must admit, however, I kind of missed the Big Cheese! ~ Mind you, I AM a mouse, afterall ~ and mice love cheese! tehe

Angel Mouse
Angelic Mouse

Poet deVine
Member Seraphic
since 1999-05-26
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Hurricane Alley
2 posted 2005-07-05 07:04 PM

Tiptoe into the forum....nope. No sign of the cat.

Shh..maybe he won't notice anything know how men are...

since 2005-02-27
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3 posted 2005-07-05 07:04 PM

This is so cute.

Poetry is beauty in words.

passing shadows
Member Empyrean
since 1999-08-26
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4 posted 2005-07-05 07:21 PM

Cloud 9
Senior Member
since 2004-11-05
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5 posted 2005-07-05 07:32 PM

**lisp**thuferan thuckatash!!!
Member Patricius
since 2003-12-05
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6 posted 2005-07-05 09:26 PM

Very cute, NancyLee!  Sure has been alot of play while he was away!
Member Ascendant
since 2002-10-02
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7 posted 2005-07-05 10:00 PM

Tinker I think it would be prudent for the mice to start getting ready for the return of the cat.  

believe in what your heart feels...

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since 2002-05-22
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New York
8 posted 2005-07-05 10:19 PM

hehe...tiptoes and hides in the corner
Member Elite
since 2003-12-29
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In your dreams
9 posted 2005-07-05 11:00 PM

especially if he's color blind.....


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The dictionary never lies.... I am magical (;

Member Laureate
since 2000-10-29
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Between the Lines
10 posted 2005-07-06 01:17 PM

Has the "Big Cheese" returned yet??


all those graphics are so adorable...if only I liked mice


Senior Member
since 2002-02-13
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Windsor, Ontario, Canada
11 posted 2005-07-13 12:16 PM

Oh, How did I miss this?!?!  Its soooo cute.

Love ya, Nancy!


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