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Open Poetry #37
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Heading to China

0 posted 2006-05-15 06:51 PM

In the mourning I began to decay
Full of worthlessness and contempt on this occasion
Misplaced are my words, though in your sermon they can be found
A manuscript of my demise is what you hold dear
Analyzing how I died unaccompanied
Remnants of my story are all you can see
The truth got lost on its way
What I was you could not even conceive
My rapture was born on your tongues
Foretelling your own demise
Long ago my feet touched your soil
The heavens battered from my loneliness
The amethyst bled from body
No guide for this assembly
In time I would relinquish my soul
Eras would come to pass
The tears falling from eyes
Repenting all I have made
Those I have sanctified
Individuals I have mistreated
Walking with nothing but my dreams until the end
I will journey never-endingly

Tomorrow comes for those who fear it.
Today never ends for those who live it.

© Copyright 2006 Poe Wilson - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2006-05-15 07:00 PM

touching the screen
and a heartbeat
heart in hand
you made your stand
and as I see it,
it was, and is
what humanity is all about

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2 posted 2006-05-17 10:48 AM

The Lady
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3 posted 2006-05-18 03:11 PM

Wonderful poem. It feels very lonely.

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4 posted 2006-05-20 12:11 PM

Nice writing...the world does have lots of pain...James
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