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Open Poetry #34
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since 2003-06-23
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0 posted 2005-02-01 12:41 PM

You polluted my air,water
and littered my lands with your waste.

Striking back I raise havoc upon you
with hurricanes,flooding and fires
but still you don't see,continue
to pollute.

You don't own me for I own you,
I'll be here for years to come.

I have healed myself in the past,shall
again with or without you for
I am Earth.

Within this heart you'll find love

© Copyright 2005 E.Griswold - All Rights Reserved
passing shadows
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1 posted 2005-02-01 12:43 PM

yeah...we should all listen
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2 posted 2005-02-01 12:44 PM

  another sister with great ambition...we own nothing but ourselves...
naked and humble...

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3 posted 2005-02-01 06:27 PM


You go girl, speak for the mother of all..


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since 2003-12-21
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4 posted 2005-02-01 06:33 PM

I even thought that you would say "Nature" not "Earth".

Human's nature via Earth's resiliance.

Great words.


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walking the surreal
5 posted 2005-02-01 08:03 PM

truth told that Mother should be respected and revered for she is our life's breath


If I wander far enough, long enough, will I finally know . . .

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6 posted 2005-02-02 12:04 PM

enjoyed this immensely
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Florida, USA
7 posted 2005-02-02 12:09 PM

This is beautiful, Froggy. Thanks for
sharing it with me.

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Kapolei, Hawaii, USA
8 posted 2005-02-02 12:28 PM

Not so much that we're the consumers...just overcomsumption, and taking without considerations that hurt...James
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9 posted 2005-02-02 02:37 AM

excellent...we're certainly not the smartest bunch of tenents here.enjoyed.

Live like it's your last day...
Dance like nobody's watching...
Love like you've never been hurt...

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10 posted 2005-02-02 02:45 AM

love it!
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