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Open Poetry #34
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0 posted 2005-01-12 05:03 PM

My words are italicized and the absolute last words of those executed in Texas are not. When the lines are broken they are from different individuals (and so couplets and quatrains were spoken by the same person if no line breaks). In all, these words (including the title) are from 24 different humans (however inhuman the deplorable actions that brought them here they are still humans and we all suffer in this sentence)
“I love you.”
Spoken to the executioner.
New York.-Sean Flannagan, d. June 23, 1989

“Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.”
Jesus Christ- From Luke 23:46

How About Those Cowboys?

I am ready for the final blessing

I am ready warden

I’m through

Send me home

Through the pious faith the state’s been pressing,
cross the Jordan,
to eschew
this brutal loam

Tonight I dance on the streets of gold,
Let those without sin cast the first stone

Ground but good, this seed of the fold
and those who condone, how will they atone?

God, come and do your will

I am ready.  See you later.  I am ready.

So like another son led to a hill,
a tie-down team restrains and holds me steady

I don’t want to be in heaven,
I mean, I don’t want to be in hell
I can’t hear you. You may forgive me
And you may not

Fumbling words, like yeast I’d use to leaven
mixed and unmatched verses that you sell,
babble on in you who will outlive me
‘til you too rot

I thank you for being kind to me when I was small

Little people always seem to get squashed

‘Tis capital most oft’ where’$ no capital at all
ungreased means unclement, unheard and quashed

It started with a needle and it ended with a needle

Ironic isn’t it? I’m a cross….yes

Words too late to wheedle from the worm and beetle.
Irony’s what will the state confess?

Goodbye Sun, I love you

To the moon and back -- I love you all

Man’s long run in review,
poltroon and stacked to fall

If I’m paying a debt to society
I am due a rebate and a refund

A double impropriety

what was did cannot be undone

I don’t want nobody to be mad at nobody
I don’t want nobody to be bitter

Facades of sterile study prove less bloody
yet think this justice and you’ve quit her

Hey, how y’all doin’ out there?
I done lost my voice

Your weak days are of vengeance where
on Sundays you rejoice

I love you boogie bear
I love doodle bug too

No, sir, I just want to pray a chant
Do what you have to do

Lord, thank you for all my family,
all my friends, and all my brothers on the row

When the tears flow let the smiles grow

I am sorry for your loss and hey, I love y’all. Let’s go

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1 posted 2005-01-12 05:14 PM

“Forgive them Father
For they know not
What they do…”
~Jesus Christ

Victim-Crusader-Assailant-Peace Maker-Devil-Crazy-
Barren-With Child-Deaf-Dumb-Blind.
But not Death…
He overcame Death for our salvation and freedom.



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2 posted 2005-01-12 06:14 PM

Richard,  a very somber list of thoughts
from the guts of men who stand before the
gates...  Thanx for sharing it all.

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3 posted 2005-01-12 06:16 PM

You've broke molds over here.

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just out of reach
4 posted 2005-01-12 06:23 PM

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5 posted 2005-01-12 06:46 PM

wow...enjoyed this!


Happy 2005!

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6 posted 2005-01-12 07:07 PM

Now this is a very controversial topic for sure and could open a real can of worms if it were to be discusssed on the content, not the form and poetry (which is really very kewl.)  I don't believe anyone, and I mean anyone, has the right to play God.  There is enough death due to natural disasters, and no matter what heinous crime a person commits, taking a another life to me is not only senseless, but makes the person responsible the same level as those condemned.   

I sure welcome a series such as this as it is one topic that needs to be chewed on a bit, to see if it can be swallowed, or choked on. Besides which it gets that old gray matter moving.

Carpe' Diem

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7 posted 2005-01-12 09:28 PM

Thank you for your notice, your comments.

JL, that passage crossed my mind but we do know what we're doing and so I can't imagine forgiveness.

Sharon, controversial? yes but I'm tired of the hypocrisy of a society that preens pretentious in its message and morals while in its actions lacks compassion. And since we've met and you've known me for a while you know that I sent a man to California's death row when I turned him in to America's Most Wanted in 1991. He did the wrong thing (killing two women), I did the right (the FBI was looking for him for 8 years and swaggered on AMW's other show "Final Chapter" daring to credit their excellent detective work for his capture)

Controversial as well, my railing against the Iraq war while Bin Laden runs free.

Our society will be judged harshly should there be a future. What part of "Thou shalt not kill" do these people not get? Perhaps if they were denied the opportunity to pick and choose between "eye for an eye," "vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord" etcetera they'd be a bit less confused.

To spend the remainder of ones life in a small, hard prison cell, denied the Sun, wind, rain, human contact and a simple walk beyond 10 paces in artificial light should be punishment enough. We demean ourselves in this flawed and unequal decision to send some and not other offenders to death in some places and not others for some murders and not others. There have been innocent men put to death (as well as insane and retarded) and it's a bit hard to retrieve them once this is discovered. It costs more for the state to argue against appeals than to let a guilty party rot in a box with his/her thoughts for the rest of their days.

I'll climb off this comment soapbox and do my talking in my poems.

Poets against the war is redundant

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