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Open Poetry #34
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Jaime Fradera
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0 posted 2004-12-27 08:56 PM

The Vital Signs of Death

I wake
In a semi-lucid dream
To find that I am dead!
I try to stretch and feel myself
But I am stiff and cold.
I decide it must be rigor mortis.
I try to feel my pulse.
There is no pulse.
It seems I am not breathing,
And don’t even feel the need to.
I get up and walk around,
Feeling bloated with some gas.
I muse:
Don’t dead people smell?
Well, I know they smell,
But don't they also smell? ..
Should I take a bath?
Because water speeds decomposition.
I wonder:
When will I start to decompose?
And how long will it take?
What if I try composing poems?
I ponder:
Should I call 911?
Go to a hospital
So they will know I am deceased?
Should I call my family,
Tell them the bad news?
I consider:
I wouldn’t have to worry
About a job, or food, or bill collectors,
Or doing clothes or washing dishes,
Or getting into arguments,
Or going to the bathroom,
Or getting sick or getting well,
Or being in an accident.
I could walk into the street,
And even if I got run over,
I couldn't be killed.
I could walk
Through a bad neighborhood at night,
And even if they shot or stabbed me,
they could not kill me.
And I wouldn't even need
To wear protective clothing.
And I could charge people a fee
To wait in line for them,
Since I would never get tired
And wouldn't need to take breaks,
Or anything. But would I even bother?
I would have absolutely no expenses.
And I wouldn’t need a place to live
Since I am dead …

Then I awake for real,
And find that I am still alive!
But now I have to go to the bathroom,
And everything.

Life is a terminal illness.

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1 posted 2004-12-27 09:52 PM

chuckling here, Jaime
and shaking my head
but never mind,
I have to run to the bathroom

life has its demands, eh?

Earth Angel
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2 posted 2004-12-27 11:49 PM

Jaime, Jaime, Jaime. My, oh, my, oh, my! I see that you made it clear for me this time that this is truly just a dream! You really had me going in the last one that I read! lol ~ and in neither of these last two poems are your dreams of a pleasant nature!  You write so vividly of your dream life! Interesting reading!

"Life is a terminal illness" ~ You have a droll and clever sense of humour! I never thought of life that way ~ but you are right! Life is indeed terminal!

Perhaps the sandman will bring sweet dreams for you tonight. You deserve some happiness in your sleeping hours ~ as well as in your waking hours!

Sweet dreams, Dear Jaime!

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