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Member Rara Avis
since 1999-08-02
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0 posted 2001-02-02 07:14 PM

An avid proponent of DSL here (sorry to those who don't have it available in their area yet!), and am curious about something.

I have a static IP for my connection, mostly because that's what they offered when I got it. My brother, however, just got his and recieved a dynamic IP. (Static costs you and extra $20.00/month now) When I was d/l stuff at his house, I noticed what appeared to be a progressive d/l rate. It would start at say 10kbps and eventually get up to around 80 or 90kbps. With mine, I always seem to start out at the 80 - 90kbps (depending on the site).

Is it the case that dynamic is progressive, or is it just a coincidence?


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Member Rara Avis
since 1999-05-19
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Michigan, US
1 posted 2001-02-02 07:41 PM


What you're describing suggests your brother lives farther from the switch than you do? With DSL, both reliability and speed are dependent upon distance. That's substantially less true of cable, which is one of its strengths over DSL. Of course, speed on DSL (cable, too) is also dependent on congestion. Your brother may have just happened to start the download during a peak moment.

BTW, your apology doesn't make me feel any better at all.  

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since 1999-06-23
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2 posted 2001-02-02 07:41 PM

I honestly don't see how a dynamic IP can make download speeds progressive.  Speeds depend on service type, area, transfer medium, nodes, and provider.  An IP is a unique identifier, s'it.  (as far as I know)   If you think about it, I have a dynamic IP at home and at work - using just plain 'ol modem connection, and my d/l speed isn't progressive.  (Though goodNESS I wish it was!)  
Member Elite
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Blue Heaven
3 posted 2001-02-03 10:51 AM

So, are you trying to say DSL is better than my cable?  


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Poet deVine
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4 posted 2001-02-03 10:54 AM

It can't be better than MY cable. My cable can beat up your DSL!!!
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Member Rara Avis
since 2000-06-07
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5 posted 2001-02-06 06:48 PM

on the speed ladder, DSL is known to be faster than cable

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Member Rara Avis
since 1999-08-02
Posts 8296
Purgatorial Incarceration
6 posted 2001-02-06 09:21 PM

Yes, my DSL is better than your cable.

As I understand it, the initial transfer rates of DSL and Cable are fairly close. The difference is when more people start getting on the lines.

With DSL, more people means... well, more people. I think you're wrong there Ron, that more traffic will affect the transfer rates. That, as I uunderstand it is it's strength over cable, which loses its speed as more and more people attach to the lines.


PS - T3, T1, DSL, Cable, even ISDN - all good compared to a normal modem.

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since 2000-07-14
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7 posted 2001-02-07 06:38 PM

Ron is right in what he said.  Static IP oretty much just means your IP wont change.  A dynamic IP may get reassigned.  As far as DSL being better than cable, that can be debated.  There are many differnt types of DSL connections.  You prolly have ADSL which is very comparable to cable.  And as you said your band with will not be split as more ppl connect as it would with cable.  So that is very good plus and big advantage... however, alot of it comes down to how close you live to a switch.  So there are different factors that should influence your decision.  One thing to concider is where your comp is going to go.  If your comp is by a phone jack and not a cable jack than you may want to go with DSL.  (ussually the installers will be able to use free wires from the existing jack for your DSL)  This will prevent your cable company running ugly cable around the outside of your house.  Man have I rambled on here... sry... happy surfing!

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