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0 posted 2001-07-20 04:12 PM

Why does my computer insist on either going to sleep, or starting the screen saver despite using the following settings:
Power Scheme: Always On
system standby: never
turn off monitor: never
turn off hard disks: never

Screen Saver: None

It seems to have a will of it's own, and is really beginning to annoy

Any help will be appreciated.

OS is Win98
Putey is a commpaq presario

thanks in advance  

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since 2000-06-26
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Blue Heaven
1 posted 2001-07-31 12:46 PM

Guess this forum should be renamed,, perhaps to the Blue Moon forum-- since people only visit here once in a blue moon

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2 posted 2001-07-31 05:37 AM


Try e-mailing either Ron at or
Christopher at

Must be Blue Moon ~

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3 posted 2001-07-31 06:49 AM

Actually, I saw it when you originally posted, Jamie, but was hoping someone else would answer. Because I only have two suggestions, and you ain't gonna like one of them.

First, your Windows setting for Power Management may be getting overridden by the bios settings of the computer. When you turn on the machine, there is often a message that flashes by telling you how to get to the bios setup; holding down the Del key is common, sometimes Ctrl-Alt-Esc is used. Once you figure out how to get there, make sure the bios setting match your Windows settings.

Second, and this is the one you won't like, one of the classrooms where I teach has been experiencing a very similar problem. They got new P3-800 Compaqs about three months ago, and ever since then the computers all go into hibernation during lunch break. Worse, they refuse to awaken on command, forcing a time-consuming reboot. Their dealer apparently tracked down the problem, though it wasn't resolved when last I taught.

All the machines need new motherboards. Ouch.

I don't teach again until somewhere around Aug 8, but I'll see if I can find out more for you. Maybe the dealer is aware of a tech report from Compaq or some such that better explains your problem and subsequent options.

Poet deVine
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4 posted 2001-07-31 09:48 AM

I think it's just a female computer with a mind of her own!
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5 posted 2001-07-31 03:18 PM


a software patch, listed for both windows 98 and windows 98 SE:

"Desktop Fix for Windows 98 SE Shutdown Hang and Standby Issues

1) When you click "Shut down" and then click OK in the Shut Down Windows dialog box, your computer may stop responding (hang) while the "Windows is shutting down" message is displayed.
2) When shutting down Windows with mapped network drives, the computer may stop responding (hang).
3) The computer may go into Standby mode after a random amount of time even though the standby time may have been set to "never" in the Control Panel Power Management tool."

#3 sounds like your problem.
there is a list of models affected at the
bottom of the page, check for yours before
you use it.

Hardware route:

to get into the hardware setup for compaq,
press F10 when you see a white box on the
top right side right after booting.


don't get experimental, just look for "power management"
and turn it off.  save that and reboot.
please email me if you have problems...tom

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since 2000-06-26
Posts 3168
Blue Heaven
6 posted 2001-07-31 07:00 PM

Thank you all... and you can be sure I will not change anything without consultation of someone who has a

There is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar.

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