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Member Rara Avis
since 2001-09-23
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0 posted 2002-11-09 09:15 AM

  I have this computer my boss gave me last year after income tax season was over. It only has 1.99GB. The problem is, it still has the income tax program on it. Which takes up most of the space on the computer. I was only able to get a little bit of what I want on it. So, I only have 415MB left on this computer. And, when I first turn my computer on, it starts with the income tax program.
  My question is, how can I get all of the income tax stuff off of my computer so I can have more space and get it to start up with Windows 98, instead of the tax program. The tax program is of no use to me anyway. If anyone can help me, I would sure apprecaite it. Thank you!

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Member Rara Avis
since 2000-06-07
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1 posted 2002-11-12 09:56 AM

Does the computer actually start with the tax program, or does it start with Win 98 first and open the tax program there after?

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2 posted 2002-11-12 01:55 PM

Sue, you should be able to go to Control Panel...then Add/Remove Programs and delete the Income Tax program...
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