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0 posted 2003-06-06 04:07 PM

I lay still
Closed eyes
Closed lips
The world does not exist
I do not hear it, I do not see it, I do not feel it
Not a trace of emotion
On my now cold face
My body like stone
Shows no trace of ever having moved
Not a trace of anything
But the blood
Dried now
Caked upon my body
And the wounds, closed now
Evidence of my departure from this world
This body
Was once my prison
The very chains that held me to this world
And kept me alive
Bound to life
Bound to vulnerability
Bound to pain
No longer does it hold me
I am free of it
I am numb
Everything is so far now
I float away into nonexistence
Free of substance
This weight no longer a burden
No tears to show my struggle
Nothing to mark my distress
Only a vacant
Almost peaceful expression
Upon my slumbering face
Do you see?
I carry not the despair of my passing from the world
Not the wounds it has dealt me
I carry only the surety
I promise you this
My passing into this insubstantiality
Was sweet
I said goodbye
And then I left
And now I am gone
I have no hands, no feet, no body
I am only emptiness
And believe me, this is better
I am weightless
I cannot be touched
Or pulled down to earth
To reality
I have escaped from hell
And I care not for heaven
Only this
Floating, wandering, forever
Through an endless, starless night
Only this
Only this

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1 posted 2003-06-06 11:34 PM

lsn't it frightening when someone can say they know exactly what you mean when you write somethign like this, right down to the lack of fear? anyway, l guess l should say l like this, cause l really do, though l'm not sure l should like it (subject matter, and the fact that my friends think l'm suicidal) but... l do.
it's real. if that means anything.
anyway, keep writing. please.

Member Rara Avis
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2 posted 2003-06-11 09:22 PM

This is a good description of just drifting into death and accepting it. (as if we could fight it anyways)Welcome.

You could hurt me with your bare hands. You could hurt me using the sharp edge of what you say. JEWEL

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