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since 2003-03-23
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0 posted 2003-03-23 03:40 PM

The voices trickle
In and out
As angry music plays
In my mind.
I play it over again,
Till the tune is familiar,
Till the song never ends.
Letting them run over me,
Like fingers tickling my back,
Causing chills...
I feel ill,
I feel dead,
I am left stripped
Of my trust, of my love,
Of the things I thought were true.
It is a lie,
But I can't help listening to it,
Remembering the times
When truth softly sang,
And trust was innocent
It's all in my mind,
I rewind and play it again.
Just to hear it,
Just to cringe,
So the pain comes back
Over and again.
His nails seep deeper
Into my skin,
Exposing the things
I already know
About myself, about him.
And the angry words trickleā€¦
They fall into me,
They come out of me,
They have become a part of me.
And I immersed myself in them.

© Copyright 2003 Sarah - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2003-03-24 11:41 AM

Another nice one, your poetry is good.


Mistletoe Angel
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2 posted 2003-03-24 12:45 PM

(big hugggsssssss) Now it is time to start up a new song of forgiveness and move on, so start conducting one and let the new words of peace fulfill you! (sigh) I send angel hugs your way, God Bless You, we all love you so much! You have such a beautiful heart, sweet Sarah, thank you for sharing!

May love and light always shine upon you!

Noah Eaton

"Underneath your clothes there's an endless story..."


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3 posted 2003-03-26 05:02 PM

This captures a lot....incredible write and rhythem!!!!

"Somewhere, somehow, it should be possible to touch someone and never let go again.  To hold someone, not for a moment but forever." Unknown

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4 posted 2003-03-27 10:10 AM

This is a very good write and I voted.
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5 posted 2003-03-27 12:37 PM

This makes me think of someone listening to a painful message on an answering machine. This is why "erase" buttons were made. Or maybe it's about a song that never ceases to lay eggs in your brain when it plays. Either way, awesome poem.
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6 posted 2003-03-27 07:02 PM

WOW!!  You've got me hooked!  Every line made me want to read the next, and next, and next!  I'm going to read all of your poems!  Great command of the language!  Great command of the emotions!  You are great!  I hope I can recieve critique from you in the near future!

-I don't need a signature-

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7 posted 2003-03-31 01:13 PM

I voted for this poem! I liked it! This poem sort of reminded me of myself, I love your poetry and I'm hoping to read more.

Where you look for broken'll find me...
mend my broken heart and love me
because I forget how to smile.

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8 posted 2003-03-31 02:17 PM

Excellent write..much enjoyed!

~Somewhere in my heart I'm always
dancing with you in the summer rain~

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9 posted 2003-04-03 04:29 PM

A. L. Becker
since 2002-09-06
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10 posted 2003-05-10 10:16 PM

Very very nice. i checked the box too!
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