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Dale Lowe
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since 2000-07-22
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0 posted 2000-07-22 03:50 PM

Finding True Love

I was sitting in my chair late one night
Married, lonely, unloved, it was a fright
I had been committed to my marriage but not in love,
Searching, dreaming, just a simple hug

As I sat , lights out, just me and the computer
the woman that sat as my partner, was about to be my future
Her nick was foxy whtpanties and she caught my fancy
Why was I so drawn to her, I felt like a pansy

We talked and played, we played we laughed
We had no idea what was going to happen, then the comp crashed
I was struck by her demeanor, I was excited by her presence
But when I made an advance It was like a snag in the fence

She asked what I was doing coming on to her and married
I told her my situation, and I thought I was buried
But much to my surprise, I stood my ground and wouldn’t take no for an answer
There was something different about this woman, her icq-winddancer

I found myself in a love spiral, we talked for hours on end
We were drawing closer to each other, more than what I had been in
Then I asked if she liked celine dion, she said yes, and it was ON
It was like lightning from the gods above, it struck me she might be the one

We would listen to her cd, #1 was for me , #11 was for us
#15 was for her and she didn’t mind if I cussed
Then she told me the news,
she was separating from her husband and had to move

I was a wreck and told her not to worry,
But where she was going she had no comp so I had to hurry
I was sad, to find this wonderful woman and she in my life
I was not to going to lose this woman no matter the strife

I sent her a web TV, I was happy again, but needed more
I was in love like never before
Well the spiral has continued for many months now
We met in Chicago, well St.Louis, and I just said WOW

I would sneak out of the house to call my wonderful red
I was talking to her in parking lot while instead of being in bed
Now you’ll learn the twist of fate which is going to be the death of me
This woman I tell you about lives by the sea

This is good and a wonderful place,  this place by the sea
But I am so in love with  a woman  in Seattle,  I live in Kentucky
Now I know the distance is great and the lonely plane rides home suck
But this woman has touched my heart, my soul, I will spend the bucks

What once was a cold, callused,  un-loving heart
My Carol, from Bremerton, has given me a new start
I have been looking and searching for my being and soul
When she looked at me In St. Louis, My heart melted like snow

But I have to wait for her to answer my plea
Which kind of scares her when I say “Marry me”
I am divorced now and waiting on the love of my life
To  trust me, that I will be her shinning knight

Its hard for me to believe that I found the woman of my dreams
And harder for me to wait for her to decide about me it seems
I know she loves me, she knows how I’ve been hurt in the past
I’m so ready to love, and be loved I just want to move real fast

But come Christmas I’m happy to say
I hope she will tell me “ hey Kentucky you’re here to stay”
So till then I will suffer when we are separated by 2000 miles
But when we are together I will  absorb with my senses all the while

My heart dances and skips a beat
When our lips and eyes finally met
My  speech becomes stuttered when looking in her eyes
My hands sweat and my knees shake when I touch her thighs

I have never loved someone or something so much
I am scared of losing someone with her touch
I adore the smell of her hair, and texture too
This beautiful redhead has made me go coo coo

So I will end this saga of an online romance
Too let others know there is a chance
To find the person of your dreams on the net
Give yourself a chance, like  the wonderful woman I met

And to the woman that has opened my soul
I love , I love you more than you can be told
I am waiting for that December morn that  when you convey
I am praying , It will be you and little Alex on the way

I Love You Carol

[This message has been edited by Dale Lowe (edited 07-22-2000).]

© Copyright 2000 Dale Lowe - All Rights Reserved
Member Patricius
since 1999-07-05
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Glen Hope, PA USA
1 posted 2000-07-22 04:56 PM

Dale...I hope you find that she is all you desire and I hope your future is better than your past. Long distance love is a hard thing, but can work if both parties work with it. Best of luck to you.
Poet deVine
Member Seraphic
since 1999-05-26
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Hurricane Alley
2 posted 2000-07-22 04:58 PM

Welcome to passions! This is quite a saga of your online romance. Please check your email for a special welcome.  
Member Elite
since 2000-02-10
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Pickering, Ontario
3 posted 2000-07-23 01:46 AM

Quite the story you have here Dale!

Welcome to Passions!!!


It is a blessing to have wings for words, and passion in pen
Marina Crossley

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