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0 posted 2000-06-25 11:15 PM


                Fair Rose, as light of day doth fade to night,
                I wait thy bloom, to feel thy satin kiss
                Upon mine lips, to taste of love's delight,
                To once again, partake of passion's bliss.
                Comes now the night, soft winds to me doth bring,
                Dulcinea, mine goddess from above,
                Thy tender words, to me of heaven sing,
                Doth carry me, to heights of Eros' love.
                O' beauteous Rose, you touch within mine heart,
                As one we dance, in rhapsody's ballet,
                Thee lance mine soul, true love to me impart,
                Whilst in thine arms, ensconced in love's bouquet.
                Am sated by the night, thy nectar sweet,
                But then the dawn, I rue the night's retreat.

                O' beauteous Rose, doth not thee hear the words I speak,
                When forth my lips, I sing love's madrigal?
                Thy tender touch, in glow of Luna's orb I seek,
                As in the evening's calm to thee fair Rose I call.
                Thou art Urania, thy songs of welkin charm,
                Fall on mine ears, as notes from forth celestial harp,
                With but a glance upon thy bloom, my soul disarm,
                Forevermore, doth breech the walls mine heart's escarp,
                I yearn thy satin lips to sate love's passions deep,
                To gaze upon thy petals of angelic grace,
                For I am thee, fore'er within thy bloom shall keep,
                As thou art me, as meld as one in warm embrace.
                I wait the night, to once again thy beauty see,
                To once again, in heaven's light, with goddess be.

                Fair Rose, thou beauty comes in still of night,
                And touches on mine heart as gentle breeze,
                Unto mine soul, thou beauteous charms requite,
                As thou doth calm within my raging seas.
                Thou art lustre of midsummer's moon,
                Sweet welkin charms that rise as day doth sleep,
                With thoughts of scented bloom, I e'er shall swoon,
                From passion's cup, of thee I do imbibe,
                Thy nectar sweet, mine yearning deep doth sate,
                Thou lover's quill, doth on mine heart inscribe,
                Eternal love, as for the night I wait.
                Fair Rose, I sing unto the gods above,
                For Luna's light, hath brought eternal love.

                Time doth stand still, whilst thou are in mine arms,
                The moon itself doth cease to cross night's sky,
                As Luna's glow cedes to thy welkin charms,
                In wondr'ous awe, the sparkle of thine eyes,
                Ignites mine soul, Fair Rose, in passion's fire,
                I espy thy eidetical vision,
                Mine eyes, they drink from well of thy desire,
                As am sated by depth of thy passion.
                I smell the fragrant scent of heaven's bloom,
                Caress thy skin, sweet grace of supple limb,
                Thy tender voice, in warmth mine heart entomb,
                With songs of muse, my Rose, my seraphim.
                But then the morn, sweet sorrow of goodbye,
                As wait the night, to touch upon the sky.

                Fair Rose, forget me not as summer wanes,
                As autumn's chill, the winter snows portend,
                O' senescence, begone thy curs'ed banes,
                Steal not mine Rose, whose bloom shan't ever end.
                As light of day gives way to vespertine,
                And springtide flows as mist of distant haze,
                Through which doth shine, jewel adamantine,
                I ever shall upon thy beauty gaze.
                Thou dost Fair Rose, take me through time's portal,
                As gaze upon, the joys of life replete,
                Thy tender kiss, memories immortal,
                For in thine arms, have lived a life complete.
                Fair Rose, if t'will be within mine power,
                Shall ever gaze, upon thy satin flower.

                What creature this, that comes in still of night,
                Upon the wind, on feathered wings of grace?
                'Tis thee mine Rose, in glow of Luna's light,
                To soothe the tempest's ire; harsh storms complace.
                Mine haven sought within thy satin bloom,
                I drift no more upon life's raging seas,
                For in thine arms, mine fading light relume,
                As Dante's gales, thee calm to gentle breeze.
                Fair Rose, my love for thee adamantine,
                Shall evermore, within mine heart reside,
                As I await once more the vespertine,
                Mine harbor sought, upon thy eventide.
                Thou art Venus, goddess of the night,
                O' beauteous bloom, sweet jewel of welkin's light.

                Doth not thee feel fair Rose, enchanted love,
                Within thy breast, as welkin charms divine?
                When'st thou appears, mine goddess from above,
                Thy ethereal bloom doth me entwine.
                Thou hast assailed in quest adamantine,
                Against mine inner wall; breached battlements,
                To set me free, release love's quarantine,
                For in thy passions deep, my soul relents,
                Bequeathing everlastingly to thee,
                Eternal love, and now to thee belong.
                I shall fore'er yearn my Aphrodite,
                As in mine heart I sing Aglaia's song,
                Dost thou love me, as wholly I do thee,
                Or in thine eyes, shall e'er a mortal be?

                Fair Rose, why do thee part at dawn's first light,
                As darkness fades, and drifts away the night?
                Doth morning star, forewarn thee coming sun,
                So with the moon, into the heavens run?
                What dost thou fear, what pains shall day reveal,
                That causes thee, into the darkness steal?
                Doth not thee know, that even in the day,
                The stars remain, and in the heavens lay?
                The cloak of night, for thee is but facade,
                Protecting not, behind high priest's ephod.
                Lay bare thy soul, into the light emerge,
                And hide thee not, from thee thy demons purge.
                For whilst I wait, thou presence in the night,
                I yearn soft touch, of Rose in glow of light.

                My Rose, doth not thee feel the coursing in mine breast,
                That hath remained since first our lips in passion pressed?
                With fragrance of thy bloom, I am touched by thy desire,
                I wait the night, to once again sate passion's fire.
                O' heaven's orb, next to thy grace, the stars above,
                Pale as the daffodil to rose of Eros's love,
                Love, O' sweet love, I long the whisper of thy voice,
                When thee arrives with setting sun I shall rejoice,
                Beneath canopy of stars, we shall e'er embrace,
                I yearn thy goddess kiss upn my mortal face,
                For I have met my Aphrodite, thou art her,
                By beauteous Rose, that comes while day doth slumber,
                Unto the gods above, I sing sweet song's reprise,
                For mortal to a goddess be, until the sun doth rise.

                On evening's breeze, I hear sweet song of nightingale,
                In thy music, thou doth entice me to thine breast,
                Softly tracing, seeking with thy fingers to unveil,
                Mine heart's desire, thy tender touch in lover's quest,
                Why doth thee seek, love ensconced in heart's dominion,
                When I am thine, forevermore thy mortal swain?
                Thee search what's hidden not, as sure doth rise the sun,
                For all eternity as thy vassal shall remain.
                Thou art the morning star shining through night's tempest,
                As beacon in dark night, thou beauty ever shines,
                Goddess of the night, with beauteous grace I have been blessed,
                I have tasted thy lips, supped thy fragrant wines.
                And with the setting sun, as fade into dawn's mist,
                I feel thy warmth on lips, where by mine goddess kissed.

                Fair Rose, thy bloom from tender stem hath sprung,
                As Luna's glow, upon night sky doth shine,
                Of thy blossom, the god's themselves have sung,
                Love's madrigals, will ever thee be mine?
                From forth thy lips, thee sing sweet harmonies,
                With soft caress, that kiss upon mine ear.
                And touch within mine soul; love's symphonies,
                Forevermore, thy beauty will I hear.
                Thou art the night, the calm preceeding dawn,
                The glow of welkin stars through rising mist,
                When air is crystalline; as newborn fawn,
                Thy tenderness, when I by goddess kissed.
                With rising sun, night fades with morning light,
                I wait again, my goddess of the night.

                O' precious Rose, when I gaze upon thy splendor,
                As eyes espy, beauty of thy bloom resplendent,
                I cede control; unto thee mine heart surrender,
                Foevermore, enslave to thy love transcendent.
                When thou doth speak, from forth thy lips love's madrigral,
                From forth thy tongue, pour words as honeyed mead,
                Upon mine ears, doth fall Erato's lyric call,
                And in response, to thee eternal love decreed.
                Thy tender touch, as soft as glow of Luna's light,
                I feel thy satin kiss upon my weathered brow,
                Enraptured by your silken charms, I yearn the night,
                To thee fair Rose, my everlasting love avow.
                Thou love doth transport me to far side of the wind,
                O' precious Rose, my love to thee doth time transcend.

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A Romantic Heart
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Forever In Your Heart
1 posted 2000-06-25 11:20 PM

Oh yes! Yes! Yes! ...MASTERPIECE!!!!beautiful!!!! I'm so glad you put this one in! I am glad you decided even though it was long to still post it Love it Mike!!!
Poet deVine
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Hurricane Alley
2 posted 2000-06-25 11:27 PM

I'm going to promote this one to the SKY!!! I love this Mike...all the best that is YOU...  
Member Empyrean
since 1999-09-21
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3 posted 2000-06-26 01:30 AM

Oh good!!!  I'm so glad that you posted this one! A big vote from me, my friend.
Member Elite
since 1999-10-08
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The Hague, The Netherlands
4 posted 2000-06-26 08:07 AM

Yes ! Yes ! Yes !      
Dark Angel
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since 1999-08-04
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5 posted 2000-06-26 08:24 AM

OH GOD YES!!!!  Beautiful!!!  voted!  

Yes, I am here, but I am dead, not alive,
my body goes on, my spirit has died,
and I though alive, feel dead inside.

"Rose Petal"

Sudhir Iyer
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since 2000-04-26
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Mumbai, India : now in Belgium
6 posted 2000-06-26 08:24 AM

This is a MASTERPIECE...

brilliant poetry from you, O Master poet...

regards, sudhir

Death, be not proud, though some have called thee,
Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so;

- John Donne

Elizabeth Santos
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since 1999-11-08
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7 posted 2000-06-26 08:30 AM

Wish I could vote a dozen times

Not A Poet
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since 1999-11-03
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Oklahoma, USA
8 posted 2000-06-26 10:29 AM

WOW, such an epic undertaking. Writing one beautiful sonnet is hard enough, but so many on the same subject. WOW.


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since 1999-06-05
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Callington, Cornwall, England
9 posted 2000-06-26 04:28 PM



"We are the music makers and we are the makers of dreams." - Willy Wonka.

Janet Marie
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since 2000-01-22
Posts 18554

10 posted 2000-06-26 05:58 PM

takes my breath away everytime i read it
has to be in the book...

Member Empyrean
since 1999-06-05
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Ft. Lauderdale, Fl USA
11 posted 2000-06-26 09:51 PM

It would be less of a book without this poem prominitely displayed..Nice work, Mike
Deputy Moderator 5 Tours
Member Rara Avis
since 2000-01-03
Posts 7855

12 posted 2000-06-27 01:06 AM

Mike, I have to respect this. There's no way around it. Here's a vote, too.


Member Elite
since 1999-06-22
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TEXAS (it's all big)
13 posted 2000-06-27 01:26 AM

i love the concept mike and the poem left me spinning for sure
Member Elite
since 1999-12-27
Posts 3263

14 posted 2000-06-27 03:37 AM

Personally, I would love to have a shelf in my library filled just with big leatherbound books of your poetry...what? a girl can dream, can't she??   Wonderful concoction, you know...  

~ Claire

Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?......Henry David Thoreau

Member Seraphic
since 1999-08-22
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15 posted 2000-06-27 10:10 PM

I've never seen a lovelier bouquet, Mike! A book without these gems would not be complete, that's for sure! Absolutely lovely!


Marge Tindal
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Florida's Foreverly Shores
16 posted 2000-06-27 10:13 PM

FTD's got nothing on you !
Such a beautiful bouquet !

~*The pen of the poet never runs out of ink, as long as we breathe.*~

Member Elite
since 2000-03-06
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17 posted 2000-06-27 10:15 PM

A beautiful rose garden Mike I'm not sure how you do it...I'm just glad you do!
Deputy Moderator 10 ToursDeputy Moderator 5 Tours
Member Seraphic
since 2000-01-18
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with you
18 posted 2000-06-27 10:48 PM

Mike~ THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!  



Live,Love,Laugh :) ~SueB

A Romantic Heart
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since 1999-09-03
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Forever In Your Heart
19 posted 2000-06-30 03:03 AM

Roses are red violets are blue...I voted for you..  

I thought I voted the first time, but I forgot to check the box!

[This message has been edited by A Romantic Heart (edited 07-02-2000).]

Member Seraphic
since 1999-05-20
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Cape Cod Massachusetts USA
20 posted 2000-06-30 10:16 AM

This, more than probably any other, is the epitome of your poetic chamber... I wish I could vote a dozen times...
Member Seraphic
since 1999-08-22
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21 posted 2000-07-01 09:33 PM

Well, I can't vote for it again but I can send it back up top for those who missed it the first time!  


Member Elite
since 1999-06-19
Posts 2462

22 posted 2000-07-02 05:51 PM

Your replies are very much appreciated.  If there is any style or theme I prefer... it is of course a sonnet to a rose...  It is very heartwarming to read your comments. Thank you ever so much.
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