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Lone Wolf
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since 2000-03-16
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Lansing, MI USA

0 posted 2000-09-05 08:11 PM

Fatigue sets slowly in
The weight of my sin
Pressing on my soul
Obscuring my goal
Things are not right
Reality sets in tonight

We have both done wrong
Silencing love's sweet song
Maybe for an eternity
We'll just have to see
What will come next
In life's preplanned text

We talk some things out
Instead of just shout
I have somehow failed you
Wish that I only knew
What I could have done
To be the one

Somehow you failed me
Now we both can see
Two are now at fault
Secrets locked in the vault
They are part of the past
I let go of them . . . at last


Poetry should surprise by fine should strike the reader as a wording of his own highest thoughts and appear almost a remembrance. -J.Keats

© Copyright 2000 Jennifer L. Garcia - All Rights Reserved
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East Lansing, MI USA
1 posted 2000-09-05 08:17 PM

LW, superb poem. . . the emotions really show in this one. . .

Excellent. . .

--------------------------------------------------< !signature-->

That which gives light must endure burning
--Victor Frankl

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Paula Finn
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since 2000-06-17
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2 posted 2000-09-05 08:37 PM

Letting go of the anger is probably the hardest thing you can do...but you cant really talk and be angry at the same time...knowing you both made mistakes...well thats the first step in fixing them...good luck Jenn
Senior Member
since 2000-08-19
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Up Creek w/Out Paddle
3 posted 2000-09-05 08:39 PM

Writing it down not only releases the bad emotions but can aid in finding a solution.
This is a touching poem, Lone Wolf.  


"Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory..."
P.B. Shelley

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since 2000-04-22
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4 posted 2000-09-05 08:40 PM

The sun will rise again
May it dry up your pain
Rainbows will be your guide
Ride them like a slide

Let your own light shine
Drink a little wine
Read this again in a while
You may get a smile

Change your rainbow from blue
Because that's not really you
For you kisses and hugs forever
But a failure I think never

~ Take cares Lone Wolf ~

Marge Tindal
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Florida's Foreverly Shores
5 posted 2000-09-05 08:40 PM

Sounds like some soul-searching, sweetie.

Learning from mistakes is not a failure.

'They are part of the past
I let go of them . . . at last'

Good positive thought !
Hugs to you.

~*The pen of the poet never runs out of ink, as long as we breathe.*~

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6 posted 2000-09-05 08:40 PM

Absolutely no failure in this LW...Letting
go is survival!!!  ((AW hugs)) for this one
my dear friend...pull out those memories,
look at them, understand them if you can,
and then sweetie.....LET THEM FLY!!!!  
Great work!!

Member Elite
since 2000-03-07
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Between a laugh and a tear...
7 posted 2000-09-06 04:51 AM

There is much wisdom and emotion in this my friend. Take care!< !signature-->

"The heart and soul have no illusion of boundries when friendship is the quest"
~ My Angel.

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Sudhir Iyer
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since 2000-04-26
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Mumbai, India : now in Belgium
8 posted 2000-09-06 04:55 AM

This is excellent excellent writing...


Senior Member
since 2000-06-12
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Earth 3rd Rock from the sun!!
9 posted 2000-09-06 05:37 AM

This is really good....i hear a message someone might be saying to me from my past here...great post...

Julie :)

Irish Rose
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since 2000-04-06
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10 posted 2000-09-06 08:18 AM

It takes a lot of courage to write something like this. No, you're not alone, we all fail. Not one of us is perfect. Just know that here, you have a place where you can come when you just don't feel you can keep your words in any longer. A place where people aren't trying to be "serious poets", although that has a place in it all,  but loving, caring poets, a family of friends like they say.
take care!!!


since 2000-07-06
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WA, Australia
11 posted 2000-09-06 08:30 AM

~This was written with pure emotion...Im glad you shared it with us!!~


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since 2000-07-23
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North Carolina
12 posted 2000-09-06 10:58 AM

LW, as I read your poem my heart so went out to you. I spent most of my life feeling like a failure. But one day I realised who I am and what I am. Not a perfect person by any means but a person that deeply loves and cares for other people. There is no failure in that. And you're not a failure either hun. My marriage of 16 years ended this past Jan. And trust me I had years of anger and bitterness inside me. But I realised if I was to be free and  happy ever again I had to let go too. Now I cherish the good memories and refuse to dwell on the bad. I'm so sorry for your pain and pray that God will continue to heal your heart. May He bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand.
Love and hugs,

X Angel
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13 posted 2000-09-06 11:19 AM

I struggle with this every day for the last week.
This was really heart-wrenching, and quite good.

Jeffrey Carter
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State of constant confusion!
14 posted 2000-09-06 11:40 PM

Jen......I know how difficult things have been lately for you (and John), but life is all about learning from mistakes. I don't consider that a failure. Failure would be making the same mistake twice. You know I am here if you need me. All you have to do is ask. I offer my deepest regards to you both in your time of trouble. May God bless you both.

Take care,

since 2000-06-10
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Ottawa, Canada
15 posted 2000-09-08 12:53 PM

I recently left what both of us now view as five years of complacency.  Was there love?  Of course.  What was wrong?  Neither of us know to this day.  What we do know now, is that something wasn't right and that's all that really matters.  No one person failed, nor was either to blame.  
What happened?  Quite simply... life.
A great and inspiring poem.  Makes one look inside and take a deep breath.
Thanks, Jenn.


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