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Nahunta Georgia U.S.

0 posted 2000-08-22 11:38 AM

By Garfield

It's like being on a dessert island with no food, water, or any basic essentials for your survival.  All of a sudden you see this ariplnae coming, but it's about 2 hours away.  You long for the relief of being rescued.  The time seems to long as you anticipate boarding the plane, thinking of nothing else but the solitude and relief. Finally the plane lands, you board it; take your seat, close your eyes, not wanting to endure this environment a second longer.  You hear the planes engines roar; eyes still closed in fantasy of your destination, your hands holding on tight.  Three or four hours blow by. All of a sudden the plane stops moving; you open your eyes to a shocking discovery, the plane that was suppose to whisk you away has only been shaking, and nothing has changed.  You haven't gone anywhere.  You step off into the same realm you just thought you left.  Two weeks later, the plane arrives again, and you board it once again.  Then a week later, it comes again, and you board it once more.  Soon you are boarding this plane everyday, over and over again; and to your amazement, the same results.  For what ever reason, you find yourself boarding this plane every time it arrives, and every time the same frustrating thing faces you:


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1 posted 2000-08-22 10:46 PM

You've captured all the making's of a horrible dream!!  Sure makes you greatful to wake up to a new day no matter what happens!!



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2 posted 2000-08-23 12:07 PM

This represents thoughts of intense frustration and one one whose hopes keep getting built up and then disappointed...not a good way to have to go throught life, for sure  
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Bronx, NY
3 posted 2000-08-23 02:08 AM

Very powerful and I loved the metaphors..I was evoking an image of someone who claims to think they found love with a new mate only to find that it's the same ol' nonsense again...I don't know what your intentions were but I certainly love this poem    great work  

"my love is my motivation
my love is my inspiration
perception of this poem
is your interpretation"
-- me

serenity blaze
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4 posted 2000-08-23 02:24 AM

Go ahead and page Dr. Freud, but it sure reminded me of dope.  And trust me, even if that's not your intention, it is an excellent metaphor.

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since 2000-08-17
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Nahunta Georgia U.S.
5 posted 2000-08-23 12:56 PM

Ladysixstring, Mr. Deer, JnR4eva, & Serenity:
  thanks for your interpretations of the metaphor.  they were all great.  when i wrote this, i was thinking of my "9 to 5."  the process of getting it and what follows with the day to day.
  thanks again, i loved all your interpretations.


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