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0 posted 2007-12-30 12:56 PM

Lil’ Tipsy Tinkertoe
By: Noah Eaton

Lil’ Tipsy Tinkertoe,
was Santa’s elfin secretary,
hearing everything the children say,
from his cabin in Korvatunturi,
he was Santa’s chief note-taker,
seeing if each kid was on their best behavior,
through each year’s Naughty & Nice list-writing,
he was Saint Nick’s life-saver.

But one day someone must have come,
and spiked his whole marshmallow world,
or at least specked it with sugar dates,
when we met a village gingerbread girl,
‘twas a frosty-bellied Lapland lass,
with the perfume of Moravian spice cookies,
oh, that silly, rose-cheeked rookie,
has since began playing hooky.

Oh, the poor lovesick elf was distracted,
now no one was there at the Ear Fell,
holiday preparations at Rovaniemi,
had blown into a deep cold spell,
now Professor Hinkle and the Winter Warlock,
had somehow made it on the list,
along with every untamed spirit,
and kid who didn’t listen to their parents.

Oh, Santa tried to fill his vacancy,
but nobody possessed the tipsy elf’s expertise,
even a Capricorn named Caprice Candycorn,
couldn’t match that level of dexterity,
with Christmas Eve rapidly approaching,
Santa set off on an epic snow patrol,
through the Arctic bramble and cloudberry,
searching with all his heart and soul.

Soon Santa found Tinkertoe and his love,
holding hands in an enchanted glass igloo,
gazing at the northern lights and midnight sun,
as if on a holiday honeymoon,
the moment Tinkertoe caught a glimpse of him,
his face blushed bright with embarassment,
tugging at his master’s black boots,
begging to be forgiven for his absence.

Then Santa smiled apologetically,
and said, “The best gift around any Christmas tree,
is seeing all wrapped together,
the presence of a happy family!”
He blessed them for their happiness,
and asked them both to follow him,
together spreading Christmas cheer,
beyond the vales of Kakslauttanen.

So Lil’ Tipsy Tinkertoe,
and his sugar date-eyed belle Polly Pardubice,
jocosely gleamed with Christmas spirit,
and made Santa’s workshop move twice as brisk,
they built a gingerbread cottage,
on the bank of Lake Nasijarvi,
destined to lead a magical life,
living Christmas every day heartily…



"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other"

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1 posted 2007-12-30 07:08 AM

Seasonal Salutations Noah, and another DAMN fine piece of work...Thanks for painting the picture...
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2 posted 2008-04-25 05:43 PM

Very Seasonal!


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