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0 posted 2002-12-21 05:27 PM

This is definitely not done and could use work, but I thought a comical holiday poem would be an interesting contribution to this forum. Here's a try...

Well Christmas is that time of year
When family fills all hearts with cheer.
Well I admit that's what I hear,
But with MY family, its nowhere near.
So here's my tale, as I remember...
The last 25th of December.

We open up Gramps' rickety door,
Greeted by our only aunt,
A pinched cheek I'm in for
And my little cousin's taunt.

Christmas kisses, what a treat,
Bombarded by annoying lips
"Please, just don't step on my feet-"
As they obtain me in their grip.

Oh no, it's carrol time.
Everyone gathers around.
Uncle Scott would make a better mime,
As these "carrols" are an awful sound.

It's time for dinner, the bell is ringing
And I run to the table fast.
Anything to stop the singing.
Oh, I hope this meal's fast!

Dinner, oh this will be fun,
My cousin eats with his mouth open.
I resist the urge to run
As grandpa discusses 1910.

Finally the meal's done
The night seems to be half through.
I can't wait to end this "fun"
I see it in my mom's eyes, too.

OH! THE GIFTS! Did I ask for this?
From Grandma a sweater, lovely puke green,
From the cousin a colored Sesame Street Scene.
From Uncle Scott a nosehair clipper,
And Aunt Amelie, bunny slippers.
From Gramps a book on the Civil War...
New Years, What are you waiting for!?!

So one by one the gifts disappear,
Though very few desired,
Many we received last year,
And some with batteries required.

I tell myself the night will end
Just hug goodbye and hurry home
Next time, Christmas cards I'll send
And I'll spend THIS holiday ALONE!

© Copyright 2002 OtherSideOfTheMirror - All Rights Reserved
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Universal Mind
1 posted 2002-12-21 08:55 PM

hehe...glad you said it's comical... It is hard to buy gifts for friends and family sometimes, and if they know I don't appreciate it, they would greatly hurt. Merry Christmas to you.

Eliza Simmons
~Sometimes when I look back at what I wrote, I don't recognize the 'Me' in the past anymore.

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2 posted 2002-12-23 07:56 PM

Very cute...are you sure this isn't a true story?

God bless America, my home sweet home.

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Here, Now, Forever
3 posted 2002-12-24 10:58 AM

"Changing a baby's diaper is alot like opening a christmas present from your grandmother -- You may not know whats inside but your pretty sure your not gonna like it!" -Jeff Foxworthy

Enjoyed. I hope you find some x-mas cheer regardless!

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4 posted 2002-12-24 08:23 PM

A great sense of Humor here.  Enjoyed the change  from the traditional greeting.  Thanks and Merry Christmas.  -Bob
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Ontario, Canada
5 posted 2002-12-25 11:34 PM

Enjoyed this too.
Keeps the holiday season in the right "good cheer" spirit.


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