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Member Rara Avis
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0 posted 2001-11-17 02:25 PM

An Alphabet Christmas
Virginia Salter

A is for Advent, ‘cuz that’s this time of year.
B is for baubles and bells that fill my tree with cheer.
C is for carolers that sing a melody of praise.
D is for dear ones whose love for them I raise.
E is for enjoyment of wondrous times and days.
F is for fancy lights that set my mind a-daze.
G is for giving my love, my time, for friends.
H is for “Holy Night” and the message that it sends.
I is for icicles that hang from the eaves.
J is for Jesus, the birth for which we do believe.
K is for kissing beneath the mistletoe.
L is for laughter, the mirthful, “Ho, ho, ho!”
M is for music that’s surrounding all our ears.
N is for a sweet ‘Noel,” that’s been heard for many years.
O is for O, Faithful, come and sing a holy song.
P is for prayers, sweet, that help us get along.
Q is for quarreling that’s put aside for awhile.
R is for relishing the peace that’s now in style.
S is for Silver Bells that hang above the street.
T is for tinsel that dangles a shiny, eyeful treat.
U is for understanding how important loving is.
V is for visiting family, friends and kids.
W is for wonderful, wild and wacky toys.
Y is for youthful, happy girls and boys.
Z is for Zowie, zip, I got just what I wanted, Zounds!!
The ABC’s of Christmas do make the world go round.

©December 1999

Whether on the shoal or on the shore,
I'll seek the lighthouse evermore.

© Copyright 2001 Virginia Salter - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2001-11-17 11:45 PM

Christmas is all of these things! Beautiful, Virginia!  

God bless America, my home sweet home.

Poet deVine
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Hurricane Alley
2 posted 2001-11-29 11:46 AM

Zowie! I hope everyone gets what they want this year!    
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3 posted 2001-12-01 02:12 PM


You have really organized Christmas all together nicely in a pretty package appropriately labeled from A to Z.  One thing though that I so enjoy at our house, anyway, is when we all gather around the xylophone and sing Christmas carols.  Smiles.  Great poem that really catches the essence of the Christmas spirt. Merry Christmas.


Mistletoe Angel
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4 posted 2001-12-02 03:11 PM

(smiles) Soooooooo beautiful! I LOVE THESE CHRISTMAS ABC'S! Here's a kiss under the mistletoe just for you! (kiss on cheek) I love you, sweet friend! You have such a beautiful heart, sweet Virginia, thank you for sharing!

May love and light always shine upon you!

Noah Eaton

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Pearl city Iowa
5 posted 2001-12-04 09:38 PM

Well done, there is alot of work gone into this wonderful poem, thank you for sharing.


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Oregon, Originally From Alaska :)
6 posted 2001-12-08 12:57 PM

This is very cute and quite fun!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!


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