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Joie de Vivre
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since 2001-09-29
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0 posted 2001-09-29 10:57 PM


the evening came
when mischevious spirits
were to play

the moon rose on the horizon
beyond the suspicion of

little children must hide
inside white sheets
and dark masks
to remain alive

begging for sweetness
inside their baskets
from strangers

the good mannerisms
of the elderly
to remain indoors

secured from the witches
and demons
laughing outside

those cowards remain
unstained from their own blood
buried beneath the soil

their children
run across the bridges
into the darkness ahead

unknowing that night
can bring sacrifice

but these saints and sinners
playing in the cold air together
live and die for this hallow evening

children laughing
ghosts chanting
happiness dwells in the fright

yet, what of the sun in the 'morrow
when fate decides
who fooled among the dead

the spirits to leave the dawn
without nothing in their baskets
to feast upon

but the memories
of the children
allowing their souls to play again

*in this, I give you only what I believe
to be true; I am living, I am breathing, I am seeking your love endlessly*

© Copyright 2001 Joie de Vivre - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2001-10-04 02:03 PM

Lots of twists and turns
in here
goblins and spirits
dancing around
while lurking in the dark
does terror abound
and yet we must
let the
little ones
play the same game
we used to play
hallowe'en day

Can you tell I liked your poem?
It is very well written.

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