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0 posted 2000-11-06 08:50 PM

All Santa's elves, were hard at work,
                Out in toy shop, not one did shirk,
                When from outside, there came a roar,
                A roar so loud, it shook shop door.
                Windows rattled, as did elve's teeth,
                A roar so loud, beyond belief.
                The elves all cowered, too scared to speak,
                Poor Rudolph's nose, in barn did tweak.
                Santa Claus was not at home,
                Had took day off and went to Nome,
                Mrs. Claus had went along,
                An evening out, of dance and song.
                Back at North Pole, just what to do?
                For elves all knew, their lives were through,
                Said elf in charge, as shook in fear,
                "What we need now, a volunteer,
                to go outside, to see what's there,
                Don't be afraid, does one elf dare?"
                Throughout the room, could hear pin drop,
                Except for roar, outside toy shop,
                When from the back, came quaking squeak,
                "I'll volunteer," did wee elf speak.
                On trembling feet, wee elf came forth,
                And headed out, in cold far north,
                Scared elves inside, with baited breath,
                Awaited sounds, of wee elf's death.
                Then at the door, there came wee knock.
                The elves too scared, to door unlock.
                Then door sprang open, and in door frame,
                Gigantic bear, in shop bear came!
                All elves they screamed, death was at hand,
                Life's end was near, for elfish band.
                But then wee voice, came from shop door,
                Said wee'est elf, "Please scream no more,
                I'd like you all, new friend to meet,
                Please say hello, in friendship greet,
                He says his name is Theodore,
                He's come long way, his paws are sore,
                He didn't mean us elves to scare,
                For he is just, a teddy bear."

© Copyright 2000 Mike - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-11-07 12:20 PM

I LOVEEEEEEEE the concept of the wee elf. It makes me smile tons upon tons. I love this mike!

"I was born myself, raised myself, and will continue to be myself. The world will just have to adjust."

I hate your socks. I'd like to burn them!

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2 posted 2000-11-07 12:41 PM

Ohhh that was precious! Why don't you send Theodore down to me? I'd gladly take in another teddy bear.  


You cling to your ways and leave mine to me.
Suum cuique.

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3 posted 2000-11-07 05:29 PM

Awww Theodore sounds like a cutey too.
Another great poem!

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