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Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the biggest fool of all
You don't have to answer me
Because when I look at you I see
A boy who thought he was a man
And so when love came to his hand
He let it slip and let it fall
And lost the greatest war of all
Mirror, mirror you look at me
And in your gaze I see no envy
For a wasted life I live
In a world with no more left to give
To someone who destroys all at one touch
I've never felt despair so much
As when love, friends and family
All turn their back on me
Mirror, mirror show me true
what my heart sees when I look at you
My self-hate knows no bounds
Like a darkened cloud it surrounds
A tired, spent boy who's cried
Till his eyes are empty, sightless, dried
And his geart his barren, aching, cold
And his soul is tattered, worn and old
Now mirror, mirror look again
You've seen the fool that I have been
Now see me change my heart and soul and mind
and leave that foolish boy behind
In a place I will forget
That we two had ever met
And when next you see me you will not recognise
For I will have cast out love and all it's lies.

© Copyright 1999 Tal - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-03-03 12:00 PM

This is very sad,
a person with your talent
needs to concentrate on
the God given talent.
As an artist it is good to
get in touch with the passion
and the pain but always keep it
all in check.

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