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0 posted 1999-11-19 03:49 PM

This little poem that I wrote, doesnt really make sense if you just READ it. You kinda have to sing it a little to get the affect.

You say you love me,
How do I know?
That your not caught up,
And confused?
That these feelings of love
Are true?
And not just something,
You think you know?

You say you love me,
You say you adore me.
But there is that one thing,
That you fail to see.
Your love for me,
Cant be returned.
I think your the one,
Caught up and confused.

You say you love me,
And I dont want to hurt you.
But the truth is,
I dont love you.
I love someone,
But its not you.
Give it time,
And youll find someone too.

Im sorry to tell you,
To break your heart.
Dont get caught up on me,
Theres someone out there,
For you to meet.
So get out there,
And meet that girl.
As for me, Ill always be here,
A friend to the end, never frear.
Your just,
Caught up and confused


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1 posted 1999-11-19 04:28 PM

I think that was really good,
I can totally relate to it.


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2 posted 1999-11-19 08:14 PM

Excellent, I really like it. you know what could improve it? Add the line "Caught up and confused" in the end and make that the poem title.

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3 posted 2000-05-25 11:46 PM

that was a really good, poem and i can relate a lot. I dont' know if that was a true situation in you life, or if it was just a poem but if it was life, thats good that you didn't just tell him you love him back, so good for you.  know what its like, feeling obligated to tell someone yoy love them and its hard.
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4 posted 2000-05-26 01:44 PM

Telling someone your true feelings is a hard thing to do, but you do it so gently, it will certianly help the heartbreak. Good job.

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5 posted 2000-05-27 07:44 AM

Ever since you said you have to sing to it, I've had this rythem in my head, but it didn't work so I had to read it a couple times and it's very nice. Great piece.


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