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Lucius Cade
since 2000-03-23
Posts 235

0 posted 2000-06-03 07:00 AM

<font face="Arial, Arial, Verdana" color="#000000" size="2">
A lonely breath is taken
Despairing the dreaded morrow
A world decayed and shaken
Even at best, replete with sorrow

And in its darkest hours
Sitting withered in his place
An old man seethingly scours
Eyes fixed, on his untied bootlace

'Tis been one week since he took his seat
Nor food or water consumed
The scraps of his mind, those not deplete
Have convinced him, he is doomed

'Twas he who chose this tortured death
From this wretched earth exiled
But as his body takes its final breath
His face twists into a smile


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since 2000-05-28
Posts 152
1 posted 2000-06-03 09:44 AM

Very powerful...great poem!!
Senior Member
since 2000-05-31
Posts 932
2 posted 2000-06-03 03:01 PM

WOW! Great writing! you have found every way possible to make people see beyond the words and into your heart. you have a wonderful writing style! Keep it up! I love reading your work! Love ~*~Jessica~*~
Junior Member
since 2000-05-11
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3 posted 2000-06-04 03:15 PM

WOW! Jesse i loved this one, super powerful poem. Loved it, all around one of the best you/ve written yet.
Jeremy Halstead
Senior Member
since 2000-06-01
Posts 569
Morris, Ill. U.S.A
4 posted 2000-06-05 02:42 AM

This one the  most creative ideas I've read since I've gotten on here. I really like reading yer stuff.  Keep us all nurished.

Jeremy Halstead


since 1999-09-23
Posts 322
Vereeniging, South-Africa
5 posted 2000-06-05 04:18 PM

This is a great poem, full of emotion. Great style.

"But as his body takes it's final breath
his face twists into a smile"

That is my favourite part. That is how I would like to die, with a smile on my face.

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