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0 posted 2000-05-15 09:41 PM

Gold spun thread
Glistening in the bright lights
Disguised and covered in the dark
The intricate pattern of weaves and knots
Has entangles me...captured me
I lay outstretched praying the
Smooth dark demon doesn't appear.
Praying he won't sink his fangs in...
Praying I won't have to look into the beady red eyes
I try to scream, but choke.
The spider has spun me with his thread.
I am covered in gold, but I can taste blood.
I am blinded by his survival.
I am weakened by his words.
And I am sickened by his touch.

© Copyright 2000 Anna Elizabeth - All Rights Reserved
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In the space between moments
1 posted 2000-05-15 10:29 PM

WOW!  This is awesome! I loved the unique imagery, the idea of being entangled in a gold spun web, dreading the appearance of those pulsing red eyes...wonderful poem!  

 *Krista Knutson*

~We are only truly lost when we have lost ourselves~

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Somewhere, between here and there
2 posted 2000-05-16 03:33 AM

One word ana, WOW!

Yes i agree, very unique imagery, extremely well written.  Your skill is very impressive, i look forward to your future works!  

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