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0 posted 2000-05-15 09:37 PM

If I could, I would give you my eyes
  To have you see what hurts me so much
  ...that would set me free.
If you could, just for one moment
  fear what I fear...I would be free.
And if I could, I would tell you how to fix me
  I would explain to you that I'm broken
  I would apologize for my faults
If I could I would give you my hands
  So you could feel helpless too.
If I could, I would believe in tomorrow
  Instead of crying over yesterday.
If I could, I would give you my thoughts
  And soon you would cry too.

© Copyright 2000 Anna Elizabeth - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-05-15 10:52 PM

First of All WELCOME to Passions. This piece is very touching. It reminds me a little bit about myself. It's hard when you want someone to understand you, what you are going through, and the feelings you have. Keep your chin up, and have faith. Someone will come along someday who will be exactly what you want. They'll reach that part of you when they even know what you are thinking, and most importantly WHY.   Keep up the good work.

"A true friend will always stay a friend
whether or not you feel as though the friendship or relationship is about to end."

Lucius Cade
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2 posted 2000-05-16 01:30 AM

Wow, that poem left me speachless! I really enjoyed it. And welcome to passions I am sure you will fit right in on the teen forum. You definitly have some incredibly talented work.

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3 posted 2000-05-16 03:11 AM

Welcome to passions Ana!

First off, your poem stunned me, serious, i was sitting here for like an hour (eheh, maybe not that long).  I can't wait for you to post new work.

PS, dont sweat your faults.  Why?  Cause thier are going to be so many otherthings to regret.  Afterall, we're only human.

"Out the back door like a ghost into a fog where no one notices the contast between white on white..."
- Counting Crows, Round Here  

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