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0 posted 2000-04-16 06:23 PM

I sit here and I stare at the wall,
Waiting for some reason for you to call,
We are not even friends to this day,
To talk to you is something for I must pray,
Was it real love that we possesed,
Mine was, I must confess,
I really dont know about yours anymore,
I thought it was, until I was kicked out the door,
Right now you are out having your fun,
Im trying to get over you, but really im on the run,
Im running from what life has in store,
You wouldnt understand, your not here for me anymore,
I never got to say my goodbye,
Now i sit, and make myself not cry,
I am really trying to get over you,
But no matter what I do, I cant get over you.
I am putting my hardest into this fight,
Im putting into it all my heart and might.
I may not win this one in the end,
But im here for you, with only my love to send.

I still am in love with you, even if you feel nothing. I will do anything you ask, no matter what it is. I just wish we could at least talk, but I guess i understand if you really do want nothing to do with me. I guess you just wasted your time, but I had the best time I could ever have.
I Will Always Love You,
Love Always,

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1 posted 2000-04-17 06:13 PM

Touching poem. Again this girl your in love with is really lucky. Maybe one day she'll wake up and realize what she's missing out on.


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2 posted 2000-04-21 03:13 AM

Just another great poem from you.
I think that she needs to ask herself what she would rather have.  Some half wit that will most likely never appreciate her...or you, a sweet, honest guy who is more in love with her than any guy ever could be.
I wish you all the luck in the world.

Love Always,

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