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Dear life,

I've spent years trying to figure you out, and when I think I’m getting there
You just bring me back from the start...
Life..What have you in storage for me?...more break ups and pain? happiness?..Do you hear me?...I can’t just stand here in the rain...
I've hard to live up to your expectations..but when is it good enough?,,,what have I done wrong?..please tell much longer?...
You never played it easy..and I was never too much into the game...but do I have to go through this?...when is it enough? made me lose myself in the arms of someone soon to be taken away from me...and based on the past, you made me forget the future....why did you bring me him?...why did you set up everything so perfectly..and made me fall so hard?..if you knew it wouldn’t last enough to fulfill the needs of my heart?....and now...what are you planning this time?....bringing me someone new...making me fall harder and harser so it all a test?...please tell me...cuz I can't take another crash....I’ve been smiling for way too long..what r u planning this time?...just whatever you do..please don’t take me away from his side..nothing I've ever asked had more meaning than this....let me start something new....let me just sit with him and watch the moon..not worrying that your gonna have a surprise and everything will again turn dark...let me just be...and I’ll handle the consequences for being free...but please..just let me be....

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Floating gently on a cloud....
1 posted 2000-04-09 08:35 AM

This is a good poem...the form makes it a little hard to follow, but the message comes through loud and clear. I hope your love lasts and fulfills you.

Love and hugs,

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