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0 posted 2000-03-27 05:15 PM

December 29th two of my firends ( Jessica and Jenni)were lost. This is a poem I wrote talking about the following days.

You left in the night.
You drove out of sight.

Then you hit a telephone pole
and your car began to roll.

God took you both away
he wouldn’t let you stay.

The next day at work Paula called
She told me the news and we both balled.

We went to your showing
And saw everyones awful looks of knowing.

Are shoulders were heaving.
And Soon people began leaving.

Sunday we got ready,
with shoulders very heavy.

It was time to say to Jenni, goodbye.
“I am okay”, was our major lie.

We sat in the pue,
wishing it wasn’t you.

After wards 1/2 of us began to smoke
No joke.

Then we went to eat with your family even though we were blue.
We talked about all the fun we had with you.

Monday we left school early.
It was okayed by Mr. Early.
Jessica We walked up to your casket.
all over were flowers some in a basket.

We hugged your mom and dad.
They looked so sad.

We took our seat
We could almost hear our hearts beat.

We sat again in our pue
wishing also it wasn’t you.

When we went outside,
Paula and I hitched a ride.

Around your grave sight there were ballons and flowers.
And it was pouring rain showers.

One last time all of you friends gave you a hug.
It was nice and snug.

A few of us took from your casket a rose.
Because like our hearts our bodies were froze.

We went to big boy,
and tried to spread joy.

I think of you both everyday
there is no other way.

I hope you are together.
For you always said best friends forever.

Take care,  you both were to me a good friend.
I miss you till the very end.

© Copyright 2000 Melinda Hays - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-03-28 05:29 AM

This is a beautiful poem. All of your poetry that I have read is lovely.You have a special way of expressing pain.
Keep posting.

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